Friday, July 17, 2009

Urgent Prayer for Ben!

Some of the youth from Fuel Ministry is in Panama now. Ben, who is part of the mission's team, had an emergency appendectomy last Thursday the 9th and was cleared by his doctors to go on the 13th to Panama. The doctors in Panama feel he has an infection and want him to come home, but initially were not sure if he is well enough to travel. They received the OK to send Ben back to the US where he will be immediately transported to the hospital.

Ben has been used mightily by God in supernatural healing and street witnessing. Please pray for Ben. He is an awesome, on fire for God, young man and my friend.

Appreciate you all!

With Much Love...

Beautiful Grace

Posted below are the e-mail communications that I directly received!

Update quick before we leave for catalina...

ben, beth, and jeremiah were at the hospital last night until about 5 this am...they found a huge mass in ben´s stomach and he has been cleared to fly home, which is happening as i type. he is flying alone, and needs prayer for peace as well as healing of course.

love and thanks to all!

Hey all...we are here in Panama and I´m not sure if you´ve heard, but Ben is in a hospital here. He has been very sick the whole time we´ve been down here and today we took him to a clinic to be checked out, they said he had an infection and needed to go home immediately. We contacted his doctor in the states and then Beth and Jeremiah took him to a hospital here to make sure he isn´t sick bad enough to warrant an emergency. They said he might not be well enough to get on the plane so they are giving him a cat scan and maybe other tests. We have had several times of prayer for his healing and if you could also be praying that this works out in the best way possible for the team, the leaders, and ben himself that would be awesome! Also, we are supposed to be leaving tomorrow at 9am for Santa Catalina.

thanks everyone!!!

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Crown of Beauty said...

Praying for Ben... I hope you will post an update. Want to know how he is.