Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday: Honoring Mom

Happy 80th birthday to a woman who has given us an example of a godly wife and mother. This honorable woman has served her children, her husband, her neighbors, and friends. Her servant-heart has modeled what a Christian should be.

Shining Star
(Great Granddaughter)
"I want to run a marathon in your honor."

Love After 61 Years of Marriage!

From left to Right:
Ballerina Beauty (Great Granddaughter),
Girly Girl (Granddaughter)
and Soccer Sensation (Great Granddaughter)
helping Nana blow out the birthday candles.

"You are one of the most generous people I know."
"You have treated me like a daughter,
and I think of you as a Mother."

Tender-Hearted One

(Grand Daughter)

"I remember eating baby rice cereal every time I came to visit."

Back Row, Left to Right: Plain and Simple's DSH (Son), Sissy AJ (Daughter), Big Bro (Son), Beautiful Grace (Daughter).

Front Row, Left to Right: Dear Sweet Mother, Sissy AM (Daughter), Singing Plumber Dad (Husband).

Girly Girl


" Thank you for having my Daddy."

Sissy AJ


"You never said a thing when Terry and his brother ate all your food."

Great/Grand Children


(Great Grand Daughter)

"Thanks for putting up with Pappy,"

referring to her grandfather, Big Bro.

Loving Singing


"You French braided my hair even when your fingers hurt."

Plain and Simple's DSH


"You always made homemade costumes out of boxes...R2D2, Mr. Peanut."


Crown of Beauty said...

What a great post, dear BG! I loved the pictures and the captions, the way each one took time to bless their Mom/Nana... wow... I could feel the love just flowing through this post.

Thanks for doing this.


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

So glad she could enjoy her special day!!!! What a dear women, I love the pictures!!!!!!