Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Your Pretty Leaves Have Fallen to the Ground

Below is a repost of an article written by one of my biology students. Read her heart and "see" the awesome insight of one so young. I am privileged to be able to speak into her life.

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Beautiful Grace

Reposted by permission of author, Sarah.

"all your pretty leaves have fallen to the ground"

on sunday i was taking a walk with my amazing little brother. i'm serious. my little brother is amazing. annoying, yes, but more amazing than annoying.

so anyway, we were walking together and talking about God and stuff, and i came up with the most amazing analogy! :)

or, i didn't come up with it. God gave it to me. i don't make this stuff up, folks. lol..

leaves look the same. they do. if you hold two leaves from the same tree next to eachother, they both look the same. but they AREN'T the same. they have slightly different shapes and their little leaf vane thingies are at different spots on the leaf, you know? leaves LOOK the same, but the AREN'T the same. and eventually they will all fall off of whatever tree they live on, and they will land on the ground. and these very similar leaves will be at spots that are perhaps very close to eachother, but they won't be at the same spot. they might be next to eachother, but they can't both be at the exact same spot in space.

this kinda reminds me of the body of Christ. the world is full of people. people in general look the same. we all have eyes, noses, mouths, hair, arms, legs, hands, feet. some of us share the same interests and talents. but does that mean that we're the same? no. people are most definitely NOT the same. some of us might LOOK the same, but we're NOT the same.... and God has plans for all of us. it says that in Jeremiah. i forget where, but it says that God has plans for us to give us a hope and a future. and God calls us all to do different things for Him, right? and some people will do the same thing. there's naturally gonna be more than one missionary and more than one pastor and more than one of everything. and anyway, just because you're doing something that's extremely similar as your brother or sister in Christ doesn't mean that what you're doing is unimportant. what you're doing is IMPORTANT, kuz God told you to do it. think about the leaves again. the leaves fall off the tree and land really close to eachother! the leaves falling off the tree is kind of like when God calls you to do something, and you go do it. and... like, what if one of the leaves wasn't there? even though they're next to eachother on the ground, they both still cover up a piece of ground. if one of the leaves wasn't THERE, there would be a blank piece of ground, right? and that's no good. just like, it's no good if there's two pastors who are sitting here being jealous of eachother because they're doing the similar things. it doesn't matter that you're both doing the similar things. the point is, God called each of you to do that thing, right? so DO it. if it wouldn't work, God wouldn't have called both of you to where you are, so get over yourself already. and when leaves fall off the tree, they don't sit there going, "ew, you're touching me, go move somewhere else and do your own thing." no. they don't say ANYTHING... mainly because they're inanimite objects. heh. but for real. be like leaves. land where God tells you to land, and don't pick on other people for landing where God told THEM to land. even though you're both doing similar things, you can't do the SAME thing that the other person is doing. like if pastor A tried to be pastor B, it wouldn't work, because pastor A is a different person than pastor B is. pastor A adds his own personal touch to his ministry, and pastor B has a completely different personal touch to add. and neither of these pastors could do what the other person is doing, simply because they're not them. they're themselves.....

i hope that made sense. sorry if it was disjointed or whatever... my family is watching a movie in the other room and the noise is carrying over, which makes it hard to think. slightly.

im gonna go knit. yuns have a great day. :)



Crown of Beauty said...

This young person's honesty in expressing what she feels is so refreshing and direct to the point. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

Livin' Life said...

Wow, that was great! How old was she because it was such a great expression of her heart.

BTW I don't know anything about David and Kathy Walters. You must fill me in. :)