Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seeing into the Unseen, Taking Authority, and Infusing Love

It started the beginning of last week with a phone call from a friend. She had a heavy prayer request. After agreeing to pray about the situation she faced, I knew I needed to seek the Lord as to how to even begin to pray. I asked the Lord for a dream that night and I believe He gave me direction on how to pray. But did you ever experience heavy prayer issues do have the potential to weigh down the pray-er?

Wednesday evening, I was faced with a choice which stirred a little anxiety in me. I prayed about what to do, and then felt to push through the fear.

On Friday, someone said something that stirred my flesh and anxiety came a little heavier on me. I even started to get a little nauseated. I commanded my stomach to quiet and it immediately obeyed, however, I did not command the anxiety to leave.

On Friday evening, as I was walking through my kitchen (which I believe represents my heart/soul), I saw out of my left peripheral vision a thin mist. I turned to actually see it, only to see it immediately dissipate. I believe I saw an angel sent to minister my heart/soul.

Friday night was difficult for sleeping because anxiety hung like a weight on my chest. I prayed, but still no resolution of the heaviness.

Finally, on Saturday, enough was enough and God's Spirit rose up in me to command anxiety to go in the name of Jesus!!! Guess what...immediately anxiety flew off my chest. I'm not exaggerating! It actually felt as though something was perched on my chest and left at lightning speed at my command. In anxiety's place, I could feel God infusing me with Peace and Love and Joy!

A little later, I gave a "Love Infusion" to a girl who had been having chest pain. "Love Infusion" was what Jesus told me to call it. It simply was a hug in which I prayed for the Love that Jesus infused me with would be transferred to the girl.

This past Monday, Mom started to experience dizziness. I checked her and her vital signs were stable. We had her checked in the afternoon and nothing definitive was determined.

Tuesday, while driving to co-op, I was singing and worshipping Jesus. I started to feel holy electricity strongly over various parts of my body. I was being infused again. The Lord instructed me to pray for a friend, who reported that she could feel electricty coming off of me as I placed my arm around her back.

Early Wenesday morning Dad found Mom on the floor beside the bed. I immediately went to check her and found her heart racing at 140 beats a minute. She was having an attack of atrial fibrillation. The ambulance was called and they actually gave her an IV push med to slow her heart rate before leaving for the hospital. Mom was admitted to the Harrisburg Hospital. Her white blood cells are elevated (indicative of infection) and I also discovered she hadn't been taking her heart medicine. Please pray!!!
The awesome thing about all of this is that the whole time, I could feel Jesus' Presence (electricity) and Peace...not a bit of anxiety.

I spent the majority of Wednesday at the hospital came home for about 20 minutes and then headed back to the big city to attend Youth service. My husband ussually doesn't come with us on Wednesdays, but did because he knew I was tired. Isn't that sweet?

While turning into CCC I saw out of my right periphery, a white mist hovering around the CCC sign. Again, I believe an angel assigned to protect. Awesome!!!

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Infusions, for Your Love and Strength in me. You are my Beautiful Friend!!! I love You!!!


Fire'n Clouds said...

That's awesome, I will be praying for your mom too. The boys and Scott and I have been seeing similar things also glints of light. We were wondering the same thing. I had a hand grab my foot the other night and wake me out of a bad dream. As I woke my foot was still shaking and I could feel the hand. I was startled and thought maybe i was Scott but it wasn't. I asked the Lord what it was and I heard this voice say I was just helping you get out of the bad dream. God doesn't want you to have nightmares any more.

I think things like this are going to happen more and more and I am excited to hear what's going on at your house!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Your post greatly encouraged my heart. Thanks for the "Love Infusion" that I actually felt while reading it. Will continue to keep you in my prayers!

Sandy said...

I love the idea of love infusion. :)
Wow what a week, and what a mighty work of God in your life and your moms.
Praying for you.