Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Leaking Coffee Maker...a Sign of God's Care?

The first thing I do in the morning is grab a cup of coffee and yesterday was no different. Though groggy, I lumbered (my family says I'm a loud walker) through the hallway and to the kitchen, where the preprogrammed coffee maker awaited containing freshly brewed java. The brown liquid appeared darker than usual, but I continued on my mission to get that cup of coffee. As I poured the french vanilla creamer into my cup, I noticed the counter was full of water. Upon close inspection, I observed that water from the coffee maker had leaked all the way to the microwave. I quickly unplugged all electrical items and began the sopping process.

It was then I noticed my book Understanding the Dreams You Dream by Ira Milligan was laying in a pool of water, in fact, the book was saturated! I finished wiping the counter and then took my book downstairs to begin the painstaking process of drying each of the 249 pages with my blow dryer. Working slowly so as not to tear the pages of this helpful reference, I continued for about 30 minutes. During that time, I felt that God said that the water saturating the dream book was a sign of His Spirit saturating not only my dream life, but the dreams of my family. Then I heard Him say, "You have asked for My Spirit to flood your home. The water is a sign that I have heard you."

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I love symbolic communication. Water, symbolic for God's Holy Spirit had saturated my kitchen (symbolic for the heart) of my family's home!!! Not only had God heard my prayer, but He responded in the most unique way to my prayer!!! How I love You, Jesus!!!

Last night before bed with a son on each side, I prayed for dreams that would be saturated with God's Spirit, and lives would overflowing with the Spirit. Then after Strongman prayed for me, I prayed for both of our dreams and lives to be flooded with the Spirit.

The coffee maker's leaking was not an inconvenience, it was a sign of God's care! He had heard my prayers, and He cares!!!!!

May all of you have a revelation of God's care in your own lives. He has heard your petitions! You just never know the creative way He may answer!

Oh, by the way, I did have have a dream of direction and encouragement last night, and Strongman just shared a dream he had last night. Thank You, my Jesus!!!! The boys are still sleeping. Can't wait to hear what God said to them!!!

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