Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Fish Philosophy: Getting Along With Others

Yesterday during orientation for my new job, we watched a video on the Fish Philosophy. This thought process began in a fish market in Seattle, Washington, and has grown into an effective way of getting along with others. I listed the four basic components below.

  • Play- Have fun while working.
  • Be There- When you're with someone, really BE with them.
  • Make Their Day-Treat someone to a compliment or encourage them.
  • Choose Your Attitude- You job may be difficult and stressful, but you still have the choice to be happy and upbeat.
Again, I am amazed at how many Christian traits are encouraged in a secular workplace. Thank You, Jesus, You are Incredible!!!

Have a Fishy Day!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful, simply sweet ideas on how to make not only your day better but others, too! Refreshin post!