Thursday, April 3, 2008

oH mY wORD tagged me for a "Seven Random Things About Me" meme. Last July, I was tagged by Plain and Simple for Eight Random Things About Me. I don't know how many more random things I can think of but here it goes...

1. I've had eight surgeries in my life time and DON'T plan to have anymore. The body parts under the knife...right foot twice, back (lipoma, aka "fatty tumor", fallopian tubes (tied and removal of tumor), neck (parotid gland tumor), throat (tonsils and adenoids), mouth (wisdom teeth), breast (fibroid cyst) and head (brain). Wow, too heavy; let's get a little lighter!

2. Most of my life, I have looked at the world through symbolic glasses. I take nothing at face value and am always looking beyond the surface, to see a deeper hidden meaning. One of the reasons I love the Bible so much, I suppose.

3. In college, I described myself as an disorganized perfectionist. Talk about setting myself up for failure. I have mellowed a lot since then. I really would like to have a house in better order though.

4. I really enjoy being in an atmosphere were I can let the little girl in me out. I don't think I ever really grew up; I just pretend that I am.

5. My favorite thing to do...walk along the beach as the sun is rising singing to Jesus.

6. I enjoy trying new recipes, sometimes with ingredients I can't pronounce.

7. It takes three left-brained men (Strongman, Consecrated, and Fire) to protect one right-brained woman. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I encourage you to follow the link and find out. :) Oh, let me know how it turned out, if you do.


Becoming Me said...

8 surgeries, oh girl bless your heart.

Sandy said...

8 surgeries...ugh!
I just pretend I have grown up also... :)

And the beach ALWAYS draws me to the Lord, so I can relate to the walking along the beach and singing praises to the Lord!

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Sandy,

Sorry took so long to publish your comment. I just got back from a youth retreat at Refreshing Mountain...isn't that in your neck of the woods?

I didn't intend for you guys to pity me with the surgeries; it just amazes me that I am so healthy after it all.

FYI: This weekend allowed me to act like a it!!! :)