Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Personal Times and Seasons Named by Weeks (8/8/09 to 11/7/09)

Each week, review what the Lord has been showing me or working in my life. My friend, Lidj, gave me the idea to actually name the weeks. My Jesus is so good to me. He has not left me alone in this world, orphaned. His grace fills my being and causes me to rise up.

May my personal times and seasons be an encouragement to you!!!

8/8/09 "New Beginnings, You Embrace My Heart."

8/15/09 "Do Not Despise the Day of Small Beginnings, For Little by Little the Enemy is Driven From the Land."

8/22/09 "Teach Me to War With Love, For It is the Most Powerful Weapon."

8/29/09 "Rest in Me; Be Still Before Me; Worship Me. It is I Who Break the Bonds. I Am the One Who Removes the Parasite. You Must Not Struggle in Body or in Soul. You Have Been Called to Worship Me, Spend Time With Me; Dance with Me; Lay Before Me, Beautiful Grace. Have I Not Promised to Shoot the Arrows?"

9/5/09 "The Irony of Answered Prayer"

9/12/09 "A Dream, A Word, A Life"

9/19/09 "Who You Are is God's Gift to You. What You Do with Yourself is Your Gift to God."

9/26/09 "Call Forth the Seed."

10/3/09 "Even a Hint of Gray on White, Still Darkens the Light."

10/10/09 "Gentleness and Calmness Prevent or Put to Stop Great Offenses."

10/17/09 "A New Season, A New Path"

10/24/09 "You Cover Me With the Shadow of Your Wings."

10/31/09 "A New Day Has Dawned."

11/7/09 "He Will Not Allow My Foot to Slip."

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace


Crown of Beauty said...

The message is so clear, and the progression of upward movement is evident in the titles you have chosen.

Your obedience and sensitivity to God are such an encouragement to me, dear Beautiful Grace!


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

What a cool idea to name the weeks. They truly reflect you and what God is doing in your heart and life. I love this idea.....that is what I love about blogs, you get such neat ideas on how to grow spiritually, along with cool recipes and other life insight. :)
Hope the new job is going well, I have been praying for you! :)