Friday, December 5, 2008

Plant and Animal Cell Drawings by Fire

Fire's assignment was to draw a plant cell and an animal cell. I'm pleased with his work (so is his biology teacher)!


Maria Matter said...

What wonderful artistic talent! He must have a wonderful teacher!!!:)
Blessings, Maria

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Wow!! Those are great.......I am such the non-artist, so I can really appreciate good work when I see it.

I am sure you are such a great, fun, passionate teacher!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest Friend, I finally was able to visit your blog again after having been away for some time... And as I tracked back to all the posts I have missed, I saw that you had put in a prayer request for me a few days after Ernie died. That was so kind of you. I am truly touched, and fully convinced that cyber friendships can really be used by God to be a channel of His love and compassion. You don't know how much comfort you have brought to my heart, especially during this time of loss. May God richly reward you for you sensitivity and discernment. I am praying for your mom that she will be healed in God's perfect time. Love,