Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom Update: Persevering Love

Dear Faithful Prayers,

Mom was discharged to home this past Monday, the 22nd on IV antibiotics. I have been administering the medications through her PICC line, and all has been going well. (Thank you Jesus that I have the skills to care for my beloved Mother). Mom's leg is looking good, with the exception of the swelling that is her "normal" baseline. (Yay, Jesus!)

She has appointments on Tuesday to see both the infectious disease doctor (he will determine if the IV antibiotics can be discontinued) and the kidney doctor, who will insure Mom's remaining kidney is functioning properly.

I am concerned about Mom's gait. She is weaker and more unstable while walking. Yesterday, as we were walking into her doctor's appointment she started to lose her balance. If I hadn't been walking beside her and grabbed her, she would have fallen. Previous to getting out of the car she hit her leg on my book bag and gave herself a skin tear on her sore leg.
:( Because of the Heparin (an anti clotting drug) used to keep her PICC line open, she bled quite a bit.

Also, when listening to Mom's heart two days ago, I heard an abnormal rhythm, which Mom's family doctor was concerned about.

Please pray for:

  • Resolved infection
  • Steady gait
  • No More injuries to Mom's leg
  • Protection for Mom's remaining kidney
  • Life to Mom's heart
  • Strength for all of us
  • Multiplied time for as I have not had the time lately to prepare for Fire's next year of school

Thanks again for any prayers you offer on behalf of my Mother! Oh, and by the way, we are planning a surprise party for Mom's 80th birthday on Sunday night. Please pray that she feels well enough to enjoy it.

You ALL mean so very much to me! I am so thankful that Jesus has brought you into my life!!!!

With Much Love and Gratitude...
Beautiful Grace :)

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Crown of Beauty said...

I continue to pray for your mom, dearest BG. You are one dear persevering daughter. I pray for strength for you especially, and yes, multiplied time and multiplied rest.

You are a blessing to me, just wanted to encourage you.