Thursday, June 18, 2009

God Story: Full Circle Faith

In May of 2005, during my annual mammogram, the radiologist noted an area of suspicion. An ultrasound was performed and a solid mass, approximately the size of a pea, was seen. A biopsy was performed with the pathology report stating the tissue was a papilloma, which can be benign or malignant. I was referred to a surgeon, who recommended surgical removal of the mass to definitively rule out cancer.

During that time, I was ministering to a friend who had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. The evil one did the best he could to steal my peace; he would lie to me saying because I was ministering to my friend, I would also suffer with the same disease. I am happy to report, that even though I was concerned, I was not fearful!! Yeah, God!!!

The Youth had just returned from a missions trip to Brazil and were set to minister in prayer for the Wednesday evening service. Wednesday morning I felt Jesus tell me to have two specific members of the Brazil team pray for healing. The power of Jesus surged through my body causing me to "fall" to the floor. For about a half hour, I shook. I knew God had healed the mass. God is to be praised!!!

The next day I called the surgeon's office and told them that God had healed me. They instructed me to come in as scheduled and they would do an ultrasound prior to the surgery.

Friday morning I reported to the pre-op unit and met the nurse who would be preparing me for the procedure. I told her the story of God's touch, and she listened intently encouraging me to speak with the surgeon.

The surgeon assured me that an ultrasound would be done prior to the surgery, so I continued with the process. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from the anesthesia with a large dressing over my breast. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. :(

A few days later, I received a phone call from the surgeon's office with the pathology report of the tissue removed; the diagnosis, fibroandenoma, the culprit in the common benign breast disorder, fibrocystic mention of papillary lesion!!!! The Great Physician had removed it Himself!!!

I asked the Lord why the surgery was necessary. I felt He said, "It was for the surgeon's sake." My surgeon tried to explain why the tissue she removed from my breast did not contain the papilloma. I reminded her that God had healed me and told her God said it was for her sake. The surgeon say first hand the healing power of Jesus!!! AWESOME JESUS!!!

This past Monday while visiting my Mom at the hospital, I recognized the face of the woman who had been my pre-op nurse, and excitedly asked her if she remembered caring for me several years ago. She didn't remember until I described myself as, that crazy, holy-roller lady who wanted an ultrasound to prove God had healed her of the suspicious mass. Her eyes lit up and said, what happened. I told her what the pathology report said and she replied, "I was listening to you back then, but now I'm really listening to you."

Later while thinking about this nurse, I felt the Lord say, "Full Circle Faith." Sometimes, God allows us to see the beginning of a thing, as well as, the end of it. The nurse saw the beginning and the end, and it will be a catalyst for spiritual transformation in her life. In Jesus name!!!!

Jesus, you ways are so much higher than mine. Going through the discomfort of surgery was nothing compared to the seeds of faith planted in the surgeon's and nurse's hearts!!! Holy Spirit, cause them to remember how you acted on my behalf and use that memory to draw them to You!!! In the great name of the risen Healer and Savior, Jesus!!!! AMEN!!!!!

By the way...ALL of my mammograms since 2005 have been normal!!!! ;)


Crown of Beauty said...

Praise God for this post, and I really love the title Full Circle Faith. God really has done marvelous things in your life, and thank you for sharing!

Sandy @Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Thanks for sharing that! I often get so worked up about things like that and don't see the BIG picture and the Full Circle of Faith.....that was a good reminder for me!!!!!!!!
Praise God for good mammogram and God's glorious hand. :)

How is your mom btw?

CaptivatedByGrace said...

Wow, what an incredible testimony!! Thank you Jesus!!