Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Praise Report from the Ridings

In the Post entitled Urgent Prayer Needed: Rick and Patti Ridings, I asked my readers to pray. The following is an update/praise report. Thank you all very much!!!

Rick and Patti Ridings
Aug 17, 2008

Dear Praying Friends and Family,

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have contacted us to let us know you are standing with us in the visa and financial challenges described in our Aug. 3rd prayer letter. We really appreciate your encouragement, giving, and prayers.

I told Patti last Friday evening that it felt almost like we were in a canoe that made it through some severe rapids, then went over a waterfall where it looked like it could crash on the rocks below, only to re-surface downstream intact.

Concerning the finances: The money came in time to pay the rent ($9,817.50) on our 24/7 prayer facility. In addition, enough came in to already pay $10,000 toward the $30,000 debt incurred this year (as the dollar has dropped so sharply, making it worth about ⅓ less against the Israeli shekel than a year ago). We have also been able to put about $5,000 toward the rent due Sept. 1st. Praise the Lord that in two weeks more than half of what was needed has already come in.

Concerning the visas: We have talked with our lawyer here, and he is moving ahead to seek a status that would allow us to apply for a better kind of visa for our core staff. This will take some months, and has to be approved by the government, so please keep this in prayer, as well as our personal visas which are still under consideration by the Ministry of Interior.

Concerning our staff: We had a very precious farewell dinner with those of our staff who have to leave because of the sudden change of policy in the Ministry of Interior that volunteer visas will only be granted for two years rather than five. Even though it’s hard to say good-bye, the Lord has comforted us by providing new staff. Already, a gifted Israeli couple joined us this week, and another strong worship leader (who speaks Hebrew) is coming on staff soon.

Concerning vision for the future: During this intense time, the Lord has graciously been giving/clarifying vision for the future, which encouraged us that He must be planning to keep us here :) He has spoken to us about an acceleration of Israelis being added into the 24/7 worship and prayer. Please pray for them to hear the call of the Lord in this respect, and for financial support to come in from the nations for Israelis called to the house of prayer. The Lord has also spoken to us about increased ministry to the poor, and the planting out of houses of prayer in the Moslem nations. We will have a first (invitation-only) training seminar for this in October.

If you would like to help us continue this ministry of 24/7 prayer and worship over Jerusalem, and into surrounding nations, you can send a check to: Light to the Nations, PO Box 406, New Cumberland, PA 17070. Or you can give online at our website: www.jerusalempraise.com. For those in Europe, you may email us for details to transfer to our Belgian account.

Thank you again for standing with us to see the fulfillment of all He has called us to be and to do here in Jerusalem

Grace and shalom,
Rick and Patti Ridings and family


Crown of Beauty said...

Praise God for these developments. I am among those who prayed in response to your post a few weeks ago.

Beautiful Grace said...

Dear, crown of beauty, you a diamond in the midst of coal! Thank you for your intercession. I have since received a report that other missionaries’ visas are in jeopardy. Let us continue to pray as the Holy Spirit directs.