Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I just received from Chuck Peirce. First, the dream and then the interpretation. I have found that Chuck Peirce, the words the Lord gives him, have impacted me more than any other prophetic voice. Read prayfully, and determine any revelance to your own life.

With much love,
Beautiful Grace

Dream shared by LeAnn Squier: "I was in an outdoor stadium, more like a performance hall or coliseum. Not so much the size but the importance of the setting and gathering was key. I arrived early, being one of the first in line to assure that I would be seated properly. I went through the gate and turnstile, and then walked down at an angle to all the seats. The stage was in front of us. When I got down to where my seats were, I looked back and could see that several had gone before and usurped the fences and the boundaries of the order set by the authority over the gathering. Many of the best seats all over the hall had been claimed.

There was this one section that stood out brilliantly to me in the dream and I knew I was supposed to be seated there. The section had been saved by someone placing bright, hot pink, stadium blankets to cover the whole section of seats. I looked around and there was this beautiful, elegant, stately black woman down front and I knew she was the director over everything. I went down to her and said, "Is that alright? Are those seats available? Should they have been covered over like that?" She said, "No, you're welcome to take those seats."

At this point I was down front close to the stage but I knew I must be repositioned for this important meeting. Instead of just taking the easy way, climbing over others by zigzagging and running to secure my seats, I went all the way back to the entry way, and went through the gate and turnstile again. I waited on the three people in front of me. As I was waiting on this pathway or concourse that you walk on, I stepped out to the aisle and there were children on the ground playing with toys. They obviously had some clear plastic toys that were now totally broken into many parts and pieces. They were all over the pathway. These pieces looked like clear broken glass. I thought, 'I've got to go to my seats so I will just step on all the broken parts and keep going.' I felt the plastic pieces getting into my feet. I stopped and grabbed the next post in wonderment, shaking my head, wondering why all this broken stuff was on this pathway or aisle. I was just sitting there, plucking it out of my feet and I woke up."

LeAnn shared that the key issues in the dream that impressed her were the authorities, the authorization, the positions that were given, the gates, the paths, and the brokenness that could have stopped her. I could sense the interpretation for us as she shared the dream.

I heard the Lord say:
"I have destined a place for you. In the midst of My positioning, you are halfway. You are between redemption and purity. I am purifying you now so that you can find the redemptive thread for your life and the entry way into your promise. Your seat and position of authority has been destined. I am blowing new vision on you to show you your place of authority for this next season. Do not enter in the gate through an invalid way or hurry past the protocol that has been developed for your safety. Watch the authorities that I have positioned to help you into this next seat of authority.

When you see your position, find your way fully through and into your next place. Even though much immaturity has torn up and broken the gifts that I am releasing and cluttered the path to where My people will be seated to rule in days ahead, walk forward anyway! Walk on top of that immaturity and do not allow that which My children have used wrongly to stop you. Do not allow My gifts that have been broken and abused to keep you from your new seat of authority. I will have those on your path who will point the way and keep you moving. You will be positioned with a new authority in a new place. I will redeem your place in the midst of those who have broken rank and run ahead of My perfect timing. This will not prevent Me from gathering again those who are willing to hear My call. I am preparing the places of broken, abused and unfulfilled destinies and will reseat My faithful ones that will lead on into the future. Harvest awaits and I will not be stopped."


Crown of Beauty said...

Yes, this prophetic word is so right on. Chuck Pierce has also time and again ministered deeply to my spirit. I'm so glad to have "met" a kindred soul like you!

Beautiful Grace said...

I am blessed to have "met" you, Maria!!!