Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Spirit of Prophecy

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My faithful readers may have noticed the new side article I have added to my blog, "The Spirit of Prophecy." My intent in this addition is to bless you as I have been blessed by the words from the Lord through Bill and Marsha Burns. I have found these servants of the Lord to be not only accurate in the times and seasons, but also true to God's Holy Word, the Bible.

Be blessed to know that you are not alone!! God watches over you and loves you so much that He would speak to someone else to get a message to you or confirm a message He has already laid on your heart. Prayerfully consider the words spoken to determine their relevance to your own life.

As always, with Love,
Beautiful Grace


Crown of Beauty said...

Hi Beautiful Grace,
I have been reading some of your posts over the past weeks. I rejoiced with you when your son first entered college... we share the same passion for Israel, God has put a deep love in my heart for His people. Yes, I also want to be a prophetic dancer with banners. I once met a Swiss lady named Ursula she had such an anointing with banners when she uses them in worship or intercession. If you notice I have included your blog in my blogroll. I am blessed by your passion for God's kingdom. By the way my daughter's name is Anna Grace. I love the word grace... as I know you do, too!

Maria Matter said...

Beautiful Grace, thank you for sharing the article with us! The Lord has shown himself faithful every time we resolve to put our circumstances in his hands completely! He's so easy to praise!!! Blessings!!