Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fire's First Triathlon!

Fire competed in his first triathlon today in Lewisburg, PA! The perseverance he exhibited in training throughout his summer break made me so proud!!! What's really cool about this whole thing is Fire's approach in this endeavor...he used his training to spend time alone with Jesus. He told me that he thought his leg was going to cramp up during the meet, so he said a prayer and it immediately resolved!!!

Fire placed 152nd out of 243 contestants.

These are the cool Lewisburg police officers with which I spoke. I started a conversation with them, because I had never seen such a beautiful police car previously.

The car competed and won a competition for the "Best Appearing Patrol Car" for the state of Pennsylvania.

If you look closely, you can see scenes from Lewisburg Borough in the POLICE letters...awesome!!!

I felt like it would transform into Barricade at any moment!!! Yikes!! Another lovely surprise was running into Classic Mama and Scarlet. Her Brother Bear also competed in the triathlon. I was privileged to meet Classic's family!!!

Today was a great day!!! :)


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

WOW!!!!! Congrats to Fire! I loved the pictures. What a great experience for him. It is something I am sure he will always remember.


Classic MaMa said...

Great pictures!! It was so very cool to see your family there. I hope we'll get to see Fire at more running/biking events. :)

I'll probably post my pictures some time next week. They were taken with Brother Bear's camera.

Maria Matter said...

Too cool!!! Congratulations Fire! WhooHoo!!! What discipline and commitment...just what the Lord looks for in us!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Thanks for this post, BG. I enjoyed sharing that special day with you. Fire had great determination! I would have loved to see that unique police car myself! Thanks too for your latest comment on my blog. "When I'm With You" has also become my favorite worship song...