Monday, March 31, 2008

God Speaking Through the Generations

No doubt about it, the Lord is good and He is good ALL THE TIME. A new revelation of His goodness was imparted to me this past Saturday at CCC when two woman and my pastor spoke God's heart to me.

The first woman, an older woman who has been attending Christ Community Church for over 30 years, spoke life to me when I questioned her about pre-service prayer. I admitted that I was a little timid about joining in and her naturally supernatural reply, "You're not timid. Why would you be timid, it's only praying." Now, that might not sound like a supernatural revelation to you, but I assure you it was to me. I had prayed in the spirit the whole 50 minute drive to church asking the Lord to guide me in this very area. This wonderful woman, affectionately called an FBI girl, was God's mouthpiece, assuring me that I did belong at pre-service prayer.

During the service P. Dave, referenced two Bible verses that have been on my heart recently...another mouthpiece of encouragement from God.

Finally, after the service a middle school aged girl, R.D., came up to me and hugged me. :) She asked me a question regarding my dancing in worship and then proceeded to pray passionately for me in that regard. She ended by stating, "Everyone leans on you. It's time you begin to lean on someone else and cry on their shoulder." Wow, talk about straight from God's heart!!! I assured her that I lean on Jesus' shoulder, but it definitely was a good reminder for me, not to move in my own strength.

Thank You, Jesus, for not leaving me alone in this world!!! Thank You for speaking to and through Your people!!!! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!


Classic MaMa said...

Awesome, awesome!!!!!

Melissa said...

I often think the very thing that we are too timid to take on is the VERY thing God is calling us to do! The devil is a liar and will always discourage you in your giftings. That in itself should be confirmation to you (didn't one of our guest speakers say that anytime we are afraid about something we can think "good, now I know I'm supposed to do this thing or else the devil would leave me alone")!

You are such a blessing to so many....go after all that He has for you and watch the doors continue to open! Love you!

Becoming Me said...

What a great encouragement!

Livin' Life said...

Thank you for posting. My Knight & I joined the prayer team and My Knight has been joining in the pre-service prayer but I have hesitated because I didn't feel like I would fit in. Your post helped me realize if I fit with God then I will fit in any where. Good Stuff!