Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Will Shine the Glory of My Bridegroom!

In my poem "Glory to Glory...Changed," I referred to the Bride of Jesus being clothed in a purple turban and golden gown. The inspiration for this attire sprang from a dream I had approximately one year ago. I attempted to recreate how I appeared in my dream for the Princess Party last evening.

Dream: I was preparing to be married to Jesus and was dressed in a golden gown and a purple turban. I felt uncomfortable because of the radiant beauty of my clothing. I remember feeling that I just wanted a white wedding gown.

As I awoke, I asked the Lord about the dream, and I felt He said that He has already made me white, now He wants me to shine His Glory. He instructed me NOT to allow my flesh (self-consciousness) to control the shining of His glory through me for that is why He created me.

I write this post in order to encourage all Daughters of the King to shine His Glory for this is why you have been made!!!


Livin' Life said...

That was an awesome dream!! I absolutely loved the Princess Party!! That would have been so special!

Beautiful Grace said...

A few of the moms who dropped their daughter off at the ball, commented they'd love for this to be done for the ladies of the church. I'd love it too!!! :)