Friday, March 28, 2008

Apathy...Passion's Worst Enemy

"People need dramatic examples to shake them out of apathy..." ~Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins

TCC posted this quote in her post, "Monday's Musings."

Who was a dramatic example in your life? I would also say my Mom and Dad provided some of the most important dramatic examples in my life... Mom, by her consistent love, servant's heart and wisdom and Dad by his random joviality and love. A large part of who I am today is due to them.

Is this something you struggle with? Absolutely not! I believe the primary role for a parent is to raise their children by showing them, not only by telling them. My parents never raised me with a "do as I say, not as I do" parenting attitude.

However, who I am today primarily has resulted from my dramatic encounters with Jesus. He has taught me more than I ever hoped to know and showed me that dramatic (passionate) love examples break any bondage.

In my opinion, all leaders should be ones who lead by dramatic, passionate examples. Jesus and my parents are excellent leaders!!!

As Christians, passion should be a part of us...passion for the lost, the hurting, the lonely, the unsaved and the infirmed. However, the road of passion, at least the supernatural kind, doesn't naturally flow from human beings. Supernatural passion, only comes by Jesus. We see His passion and then, empowered by His Spirit, we become passionate.

Human beings tend to desire the road most traveled, the shortest and easiest route to our destination. Instead, I challenge myself and anyone reading this post to take the road less traveled by, and that will make all the difference!

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TCC said...

I'm so glad you joined in the fun. You always have something inspirational to say.