Saturday, March 29, 2008

On Jesus' Chest and Heaven's Wailing Wall

I was inside of His heart! The incense! The thick heavy smells began to overwhelm my senses.” -- Jill Austin

Suddenly, I found myself on the chest of Jesus. Like John the Beloved, I could feel my face up against His linen robes--the soft fabric around my face. I could hear His heart--the sound of eternity--that gigantic chamber of love, embracing me. I felt so loved and so protected.

This intimacy of His heart went deep into my very being. Leaning! I was leaning deeper into His heart. I could feel His arms embracing me. And then, I could feel His heart open up. And I'm drawn into the literal heart of Jesus--the eternal residence of this tremendous heartbeat.

This heartbeat is resounding through all of eternity with the tapestry of sounds and rhythms. It's a celestial worship. Oh, the worship! The glory! His heart was a literal chamber of chanting of prayers. A tabernacle of Glory! The Ancient of Days! This Jewish King!


I was inside of His heart! The incense! The thick heavy smells began to overwhelm my senses. The chanting! There was an awakening of my heart to these ancient prayers to God. Holy! I'm going deeper into the thick smoke. I began to perceive that these walls and this tabernacle are not made of stone, but they're made of flesh.

His heart was gigantic. There is this gigantic wall--like "Heaven's Wailing Wall." Every name, every individual, every face, every destiny, every dream was written on the wall of the Lord's heart. But then, I could hear the intercessors and crying out from the lost, from the earth down below.

I could hear crying out, "Oh Lord! Lord, my father! Lord my father! He doesn't know you! Lord, my mother she's in so much pain! Lord, my children!" I could hear the cries and the groans of the intercessors, crying out for the lost. "Lord do you hear their cries? Will you save them?" There's so much pain. There is so much anguish.


And then, I could hear the Lord's heart responding. His heart was breaking! This "Heaven's Wailing Wall," it was as though the whole wall was bleeding and crying and groaning in the depths of His being! To each one of the names written on His heart, He goes, "I know your circumstances. I know each one of you so intimately. I feel your pain. I know the anguish! I know the pain you're going through. Will you come to Me? You are not forsaken! Come to Me! I love you!"

Sounds of War

And then, there were sounds of war. It was the sounds of war and violence as these two governments of God and satan are colliding. And then I saw these evil diabolical armies from all the nations of the earth surrounding this great city! I heard a cry! A cry within these ancient walls! The voice of Rachel, lamenting and crying out for her children!

And then, there was another sound. It was a sound that was deep in the heart of the Lord. It was a sound of groans. It was a sound of travail. And then, there was the sounds of the martyrs from underneath the throne, and they were crying out, "How long, Oh Lord? How long, Oh Lord? Will you avenge our blood?"

And then there were the sounds of the demonic, destroying! The sounds of demons, with suicide and hopelessness and depression, saying, "I will destroy you!" There were the sounds of disease, ravishing and destroying bodies! The sounds of tormented, demonized people crying out for freedom and deliverance!

There were cries of the tormented and of the lost. You see, even in Heaven's heart the lost were crying out, "Is there a God? Does He feel my pain? Why was I born? I want to die! It hurts too much to live!"

I hear this great orchestration of all these prayers and worship culminating into a warring crescendo. Such glory! Such awe! Such pain! Such mystery! And then the Lord was interceding and dispatching warring angels. The heavens were at war.

His very heart became Heaven's Wailing Wall! Weeping and proclaiming and calling forth the great love of His heart. He says, "I command My angels to go and war and set the captives free! So many need to come to Me! So many are lost!"

And then He said, "If you want to see My heart, the key to apostolic authority is love. If you want to move in signs and wonders, then you need to know My heart. If you want to see Heaven break into territories and take whole cities, then you need to move with this radical resurrection love!"
"You need to hear what I hear. You need to feel what I feel. Will you have My compassion? You need to have My heartbeat. Are you willing to be a deliverer? Will you let Me come and take My sword, and cut open and circumcise your heart--so that you will feel and so that you will bleed? So that your very heart will become "Heaven's Wailing Wall?"

"Will you feel the pain of the lost and the broken, so that you can intercede and cry out in deep prayer and travail? To help to birth My heart?"
Can I write their names on your heart? Are you willing to become lovers? Will you love with My love? I'm calling you to "Heaven's Wailing Wall."

Jill Austin Master Potter Ministries

Posted by permission from the Elijah List see above link.

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