Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear, Faithful Friends,

I am not able to do stairs at the moment, but my sweet Strongman has set up a temporary computer system here in my living room. I didn't have all the email addresses, so I hadn't sent out a mass update, but Tony just uploaded my addresses, so here it goes.

In one word...JESUS!!! Surgery went fantastic, the graft appears healthy (yea), the range of motion in my arms is weeks ahead of schedule (can't wait to start dancing again), and I was discharged on Friday morning. The only bump in the road was on Sunday, I started becoming nauseated and lethargic and eventually couldn't keep anything down. I ended up being readmitted to the hospital for IV fluids. Apparently, my toleration of narcotics is minimal. My BP was dangerously low. I told the girl wheeling me to my room to watch me for signs of seizure activity, because I felt as though one was very close.

I was discharged yesterday afternoon after I proved I could eat and keep it down. I am managing my pain on mostly Tylenol and less than half of the narcotics. Still need the Valium at 1/2 to 1/4 of the dose to manage the muscle cramps, but really I am doing well!!!

BUT enough of me. I was able to pray for my night shift nurse who was having pain in her knee d/t degeneration. She cried because I prayed. My surgeon walked in on me as I was worshiping (with headsets on) my hands raised to Jesus. :) I've told so many people how Jesus has given me peace through out this ordeal. I could go on and on and on. Satan meant to shut me up, BUT my mouth is speaking more and more for Jesus, so he (the evil one) might as well give up!!!! :)

The immediate prayer request is for the left graft site. It appears to be becoming necrotic (dying). Please speak life over it. Necrosis can spread and cause infection, and I won't have it in Jesus' name. I WILL NOT REMAIN SILENT!!!

Today I received a blessing that made me cry uncontrollably. When Jesus heart is manifested through His people, I can't help but to weep. I feel so loved, more love that can be contained, that it has to overflow my eyes!!! Jesus, You are beautiful through Your people. Thank you, Beautiful iBeJulio's Momma! I Love you and I Love your family!

Another one of my faithful praying friends, "Pure-Hearted Intercessor", gave me the most wonderful gift today. As she was interceding for me, she opened her eyes to find a white feather on her left knee. For those of you who know me intimately, you know Jesus gives me feathers as a sign of His Love and protection. My friend will be presenting the feather to me as a beautiful gift from my Jesus.

How is it possible that one woman can be so blessed? Only by Jesus!!!!

I will not trust in the horses and chariots of men, but I will trust in my God, Who covers me with His wings and hides me in His shadow. A lovely place to be...ALWAYS!!!!

Thank you for praying, standing and loving me!!!

With Much Love ALWAYS...

Beautiful Grace


Tracy said...


Continued prayers for you and your family.

Beautiful Grace said...

Thanks, Tracy,

Wonderful song, through this trial my Passion for Jesus has only increased dramatically. The Peace He has provided has been nothing short of supernatural!!!

Thank you for your prayers, Dear Friend!

गणेश जोशी said...

how beautiful..............

MyrtleHernandez said...

i also pray for you and your family.
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