Monday, February 14, 2011

Mountain Removal: Time for a praise update!!!

Dear Friends,

Have you ever felt so grateful and super-loved by Jesus that you have to "force" yourself not to be so overzealous as to not be obnoxious? Well, I have felt that way, especially the last several days!!!

My surgery was Thursday, February 3rd at 7:30 am. One lymph node was removed under my right axilla (armpit), which was determined to be cancer free. Yea, Jesus! I was discharged from the hospital Friday the 4th, feeling fantastic and already was having abnormally (supernaturally) fantastic range of motion in my arms and shoulders!!! By Saturday, though I started becoming lethargic, by Sunday I was not able to keep food or fluids down. I was readmitted to the hospital for emergency IV fluids as my blood pressure was quite low. Low enough that I warned the girl wheeling me to my room that I felt that I could have a seizure. :(

It was determined that narcotic pain relievers and I don't get along very well. No drug addiction future in store for this girl!! I was discharged Monday after I proved I could keep down two meals. Without the narcotics, I became a "new" woman!!!

The type of surgery I underwent is kind of new for the US (my breast surgeon told me I was her first attempt), France has being doing it for years. It's called a skin sparing procedure. Basically, my outside will be roughly the same (less some battle scars, which Fire thinks is cool), but my inside tissue was scooped out. The danger with that type of procedure is that the "skin" may not have enough blood supply to live. I was told the skin had a 30% chance of dying. On Tuesday the 8th, I noticed some blackening on my left side, which of course indicates tissue death. I called my plastic surgeon and saw him first thing on Wednesday the 9th. He admitted that, yes, some of the outer layers of skin will slough off, BUT the tissue underneath is healthy. Again, Praise Jesus!!!! He was so pleased with my progress that he removed the two JP drains, which really helped in improving my previously "alien-like" appearance!

I missed the call from my breast surgeon on Friday, who was going to give me the pathology results of the tissue removed from the surgery. :( The reason I missed her call was that I didn't hear the phone ring. I was worshipping with loud music, dancing with Jesus like I never even had surgery !!! This is the miraculous praise of this e-mail. It is medically not possible to have regained full range of motion that quickly after a double mastectomy. Can you understand now why the zeal and passion I feel for Jesus has been uncontained?

The doctor left a message saying she would call me over the weekend or on Monday, so I'll fill you in when I get the report. (I know it will be a good one!)

My discomfort is being controlled by alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen. I am down to 1/4 of the normal dose twice a day of Valium to control the chest spasms. The reconstructive process is kind of rough on the chest muscles as a foreign object is shoved underneath them.

I specifically want to honor my husband as he helped me with everything I needed in the beginning from sweeping the floor to seeing that I was eating and drinking to sleeping the floor next to the couch in case I needed him during the night to give me my meds, empty my drains and help me walk to the bathroom. He's bathed me, prayed for me, always tells me I'm beautiful and loves me unconditionally. I knew there was some reason I married the guy! :)

My sons were right by my side holding my hand during my drugged out on narcotics episode. Children are a gift from God!!!

A special thank you, to my "Baby Bro," who stayed with Strongman during the surgery (thanks Lovely Sissy Simply Beautiful for sharing him with us). Also, a huge thank you to Pastor B. who was with me after the recovery room. She held my hand and prayed for me. I will forever be grateful!!! I am told that as I awoke, I talked even more than usual!!! Apparently, I talked about Jesus and then gave a psychological analysis of Romeo (from Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet). The problem was that Tony said it got a little obnoxious after repeating myself five times. OOPS, SORRY!!! The next morning my night shift nurse told me she never had anyone give her a literature lecture after awaking from anesthesia. :)

I want to thank you all for praying, speaking words of life, feeding my family, Loving and just plain old caring about me and my family. At times, I have cried uncontrollably (thank you, iBeJulio's Momma) at the overwhelming Love I have been receiving from you all, and at other times, I have laughed uncontrollably due to the overflow of blessings received!!! Sometimes I laughed and cried simultaneously! ;)

Best of all, Jesus, My Knight with Eyes of Flaming Fire, has revealed Himself to me in even deeper ways (physically and supernaturally). There is no doubt in my heart that I am His beloved and He is mine!!!!

Because you prayed and supported me, I have walked this "trial" out in supernatural Peace, which has allowed me to touch others for Jesus! You may have prayed for one, but this one's impact on others can only be determined by Heaven, you ALL have a part in that reward!!! I have numerous God stories to share, but then this already lengthy e-mail would morph into a novel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With Much Love ALWAYS...

Beautiful Grace :)

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Illinois Granny Blogger said...

I just read your blog for the first time and am so inspired by the presence of Jesus thru your ordeal and the courage you have shown. My husband had his first radiation treatment today and I needed some encouraging. My visit to your blog is a divine appointment.