Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poetry Place: "Holding One in Worship"

A few weeks ago, during corporate worship, I had a picture of God's massive hands reaching down from heaven. I could see a tiny figure dancing in His palms...the figure was me. I could feel His pleasure as I worshipped Him in the dance. I felt safe and protected in that place.

Let me encourage all who read this; God Loves it when we worship Him with abandon...laying aside what man may think and concerning ourselves with His pleasure.

Whether dancing or speaking or living, may I bring you pleasure, my King!!! AMEN!!!

Holding One in Worship
by Beautiful Grace

Two Hands stretched from heavenly abode,
Reach down for one, the one You know.

Their awesome, powerful expanse,
Set before the one, in whose heart cries, "Romance."

One's heart with passion's flames
Set ablaze by One touch, One Name.

Suddenly, upon the outstretched Hands,
One moves, one dances, one stands.

In this place of protected play,
One laughs and leaps and twirls away.

In this place of power and might,
No fear, no shame, no darkness, just Light.

Forever in worship, continuing on,
One's heart in Love will dance upon.

"His splendor was like the sunrise;
rays flashed from his hand,
where his power was hidden."
Habakkuk 3:4


Lisa said...

Beautiful words! Beautiful praise! Oh how I long to worship Him today - whole heartedly. I'm off now to do just that!
Blessings - Lisa

Sandy said...

"In this place of power and might,
No fear, no shame, no darkness, just Light."
That is my favorite line!!! It really speaks to my heart.
Just beautiful.

Livin' Life said...

I love it! Whenever I am in worship with the Lord I see myself dancing for Him. I love that picture. BTW sorry we were rushing in and missed your hug. That morning we were running late since we got up and I just had only one thing on my mind "Get the boys in without them falling in the snow and getting wet." :)
I will look for you though!! Are you going to the Women's Ministry Classes? I am giving my testimony tomorrow morning and then Wed. night at Church. See you soon,