Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glory in a New Manifestation!

Oh, how I Love you, my Bridegroom, my Jesus!!! I receive the wind of Your Spirit; I look to Your cloud to guide me. I receive Your Love, Your power, Your healing- to go to those You place before me to Love with Your Love!!! I am forever grateful to You, my Friend!!!

Your Bride,

Beautiful Grace

The following prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on January 27, 2009, during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The following was reported by the Elijah List.

The Lord says, "Get ready for a new wind, and in this wind will come My glory in a new manifestation. Get ready to hear the wheels that will begin to turn in the spirit realm. For as these wheels turn in the spirit realm, they will carry My people higher into the Spirit than they dreamt was ever available. For I am going to start to speak Spirit-to-spirit because My people have made so many choices from the soul's realm and they have looked to the left or to the right for confirmation. But as My people have chosen to look up, My Spirit will descend upon them and join the agreement that He has already sealed within their spirits.

"I Am Calling My People to Rise Up and Follow a Cloud"

"There will be an envelope that will be opened, and coming are new orders over My Church. In this new order that is coming over My Church, at first it will cause things to rise up and cause a stench even to the saints of Holiness. But in that stench there will come that transformation, of the smoke, which will cause My presence to come forth. In that smoke, when it is all cleared and everything has settled, you will realize that there has been a cloud of deposit of holiness that will remain.

"I am calling My people to rise up and follow a cloud. This cloud will touch down and descend upon them. In the midst of this cloud there will come miracle, after miracle, after miracle. For there will be a manifestation of the visitation of the heaviness of My presence," says the Lord your God. "For I do go, to and fro from the earth, looking for hearts that at all cost will follow Me, to make Me a manger that I can lie in once again," says the Lord.

"There will Come Back Smiles and there will Come Back Laughter"

"You will understand that as a child lies in the manger there were smiles, so shall the joy come back to the Church. There will come back smiles and there will come back laughter. For I have been grieved by the tears of My Bride. My Bride has been judged, My Bride has been defiled, My Bride has been abused," He says, "but now the Groom has entered the sanctuary and has taken the Bride aside and has reclothed her with dignity, respect and honor.

"Do not be concerned when you get more and more reports that judgment has come to the House of the Lord. But remember this My people: you are My temple, and remember that grace and judgment come hand in hand. I do not judge to condemn. I judge to bring knowledge for salvation.

"And, so I am about to do a new move," says the Lord, "for you will have people come to you once again who are hungry to get saved. You will have people coming again asking where is His power resting?" He says, "It will be resting upon you. I will come in a new wave and in a new visitation of My presence. For I have seen your hearts that are searching and I have seen the wounds that have been left gaping and bleeding by the words and the curses of man."

He says, "I am going to bind up the wounds, and in the process I am going to deposit within that wound: healing virtue of hope. I will deposit within that wound - supernatural healing."

Love and Blessings,
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries


Tracy Wagman said...

I bear witness with that. Wow!
Thank you for the info about Booth.
I love the name of your blog.
God bless you.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is awesome, BG. It speaks deeply to my spirit. It is what I have been longing to hear. I have been distracted, and as His bride, I have been preoccupied. Looking to many things left and right, to heal the pain of my loss...being busy, and I have missed my first love. But I am still faithful, and I still love him... I just want to draw closer again. Thank you for sharing this.

Please pray for me.

P.S. Did you know that people call me either as Lidia or are the only one who calls me Maria, and only because you read on my blog that it is my first name, and you probably assumed that that is how I am called. But I chose not to correct you. I love being called Maria. It is also my name. Thank you for using it.