Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine Dinner

Valentine's Day began with a gift to Strongman, a replacement for our coffee pot that sprang a leak back in November. Later on Saturday I served my Valentine a feast fit for a king.
Homemade Buttery Rolls

Cream Cheese and Crab in Phyllo Dough Cup Appetizers
(My Recipe)

Spring Mix Sprinkled with Red Onions, Currants, Parmesan Cheese, Sugar-Glazed Walnuts With Honey Sweetened Balsamic Vinegar and Oil Dressing
(My Recipe)

Crab-Stuffed Orange Roughy, Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steak and Yucca Con Mojo

Sounds and looks like a perfect meal? Well, I had three exciting episodes in preparing it! I planned to serve one of Strongman's favorite desserts, chocolate pudding pie topped with coconut and chopped almonds. On my first attempt, I forgot about the pie shell in the oven and burned it. My second attempt ended as the light toasting of the almond and coconut topping was incinerated by over-broiling. The finale climaxed with four foot flames shooting up from my grill!! Amazingly enough, the steak survived the licking.

In spite of the three incidents, our meal was successful! We topped off the meal with chocolate pudding scraped out of the burned pie in to cups topped with non-toasted coconut and almonds.

Burned Coconut and Almond Topped Chocolate Pudding Pie


Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

It was good how you showed all the scrumptious food first, and then got to the burnt pie.......which doesn't look that bad. And as I just told my sweet husband who gave me a wilted rose for Valentines Day today ( since we finally got to go out today since I was sick). He was waiting to give it to me until we went out.....I reminded him that it is the thought that counts!!!!!
You are so sweet, he is a blessed man!

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful Grace, you are the sweetest! From the new coffee pot, to the great effort you made in preparing all that yummy food! Makes my mouth water... I wish that someday God will send you to the Philippines where I live, and I am very sure we will have a good time together. You can try Filipino food, and you show me how to make those buttery rolls!

Your post makes me miss my husband Ernie and wish I still had him around to enjoy valentine's day with... but I'm not complaining. Just wishing...

Melissa said...

Yummm!! It all looks so good....'cept that poor pie! At least it made for a memorable event to tell your grandkids one day!