Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Pray Update: God's Love Poured Out!

Thank you, thank you, my blogging friends for your prayers! My mother-in-law is improving.

Monday was difficult, physically for me, because I needed to make three trips throughout the day to help her...drugstore run, doctor's appointment and supper delivery. Please continue to pray!

The awesome thing about all the running I did was I could worship Jesus in my van during the trips via my Chris Tomlin CD. Although physically stressed, my spirit soared high with Jesus!!!!

Strongman and Consecrated are still sick, but continue to push themselves to fulfill their responsibilities. Fire had a relapse on Monday night, with a return of fever, sore throat, an increase in coughing and as of the middle of the night, severe ear pain. I'm positive he has an ear infection. We have a doctor's appointment today.

The blessing coming from the mid-night episode was an awesome conversation Fire and I had about a dream the Lord gave him. I Love how Jesus warns and encourages us!!

We went to our home school co-op yesterday, and on my classroom table was a bouquet of flowers with a note, "We love you, Mrs. ___________," and I received several hugs as well...Thank You, Jesus for Your Love poured out through Your Body!!!!

I humbly ask that you continue to pray regarding these illnesses. Spiritually, I am strong! Physically, I'm extremely tired!!! I need physical refreshing in order to tend to my family!!!


Anonymous said...

I will pray.

Crown of Beauty said...

I continue to pray for you, dear friend. May God be your strength and joy for your journey.