Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Praise: Mom Update

Dear Praying Friends,

I am feeling everyone's prayers. Yesterday's co-op was the best of this year so far. Each class I taught was clear and fun, or at least the responses of my students made it appear that way. :) Only by the power of my Jesus!!!!

One of my former general science students came up to me and hugged of those long loving hugs; It's wonderful to receive Jesus' love through others. I told her she was following the lead of the Holy Spirit, because I needed a hug. She knew nothing about my Mom.

Mom did fall yesterday. She was attempting to pull dead tomato plants out of the ground. She wasn't hurt, but Dad said she almost hit her head on the porch. You can't keep that woman down!!!

Beautiful Grace

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Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you Father for meeting even the unspoken needs of Beautiful Grace at this time. You are holding her close to Your heart. You are supplying her strength beyond the usual, enabling her to go beyond the second, third, and fourth miles... Help her feel the joy and delight of Your heart. Give her quality time with You to refresh and renew her in her many responsibilities... I pray these and more for you!