Saturday, October 25, 2008

Divine Connection

Last night many women of God encountered their Bridegroom, Jesus, in deeper way. The Women's Ministry at Christ Community Church held "Divine Connection," a time for women to soak in worship of their King, receive communion, be anointed with oil, and hear the heart of their Bridegroom through prophetic ministry. "Divine Connection" was the women's version of the Princess Party which was held for high school girls last spring. To refresh to memory read "Your Bridegroom Has Rescued You, Princess" and "I Will Shine the Glory of My Bridegroom"?

The Holy Spirit's beautiful ministry to these women was something I'll not soon forget. The faces of these women shown as the heart of their First Love was revealed to them, and I am convinced that many, many more women now have a deeper understanding of why Jesus calls them Beloved.

Thank you, Pastor Sheri, Zoe, Shauntel, and all the leadership team for the untold hours of preparation for this event!!! Not only was eternity impacted, but I believe these women will now take giant leaps into their destiny because they know how much they are adored by the King of Kings!!! Also, thank you, Ministry Team, for giving of yourself unreservedly in order to be a vessel through which the Holy Spirit flowed. You will reap what you sowed last night. Bless you all!!


Livin' Life said...

I didn't get to comment earlier because things are crazy here but that was great. I was so happy to see you there ministering too. We will have to do this again in Women's Ministry.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi BG, I'm back on cyberspace, my first time since my last blog post! Can't stay for long, just wanted to read up on what I've missed from your blog. Congratulations to Fire and Consecrated! Loved those pics of Fire, and the lovely family pics! The message by Bills Burns was very timely for me, too! Hope your mom is doing better. My grandson was born on Oct 20... that plus many other things have kept my hands full! Just keepin' in touch with a dear friend.

Classic MaMa said...

:) Great pictures. Thanks for posting. It was so very cool to see you there that night and to see your face glowing. Yes, you were glowing. I'm sure that's no surprise to you. :)