Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prayer for My Mother

Please pray for my Mother. Dad found her unresponsive and half-dressed yesterday morning. She doesn't remember what happened, but it appears she was in the process of dressing when while sitting on the edge of the tub, fell backwards into it. Dad was unable to contact me because I was in a building without cell phone signal. I felt bad for him because, I'm always there to call the ambulance and make the arrangements. She was admitted to Holy Spirit Hospital yesterday for another bout of leg cellulitis and a bladder infection. They are giving her IV antibiotics and were possibly going to do a shoulder x-ray and a ct scan. I haven't heard about any results yet. I'll be taking Dad sometime after lunch today.

You all are a blessing to me and my family,
Bellann :)

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Classic MaMa said...

Lord, I stand with my sister, Beautiful Grace, and ask that you completely heal her mother. She is a mother to many is in need of your healing touch. Lord, comfort her mind and spirit today and release her from any discomfort in her body. We know you can heal, so we ask for it now.