Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom's Home...Yeah!!!!

Dear Praying Bloggers,

I brought Mom home from the hospital today. Praise Jesus!!!

It turns out that she probably didn't have a stroke. Praise Jesus!!!

She probably had a seizure and what we saw was the post-seizure phase.

We have four doctor's appointment in the next two weeks, so please continue to keep me in your prayers as the Holy Spirit prompts. Fire told me today that he feels his schooling is being affected by my being gone so much to oversee Mom's care at the hospital. I need the Lord to help me sort through my responsibilities. To be honest, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed...blessed, but overwhelmed.

You ALL are a huge blessing to me!!!

A special thank you to Classic Mama's and Not So Classic's young lady, Scarlett. You're necklace to me was a sign from the Lord coming at exactly the time I needed encouragement. YOU ARE A BLESSING, DEAR!!!

Love to you all,
Beautiful Grace


Melissa said...

Hang in there! God is faithful to provide all that you need and to bring you refreshing!

Praying with you and your family for God's peace and for supernatural wisdom and revelation!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi my dear friend,
I have missed reading your comments on my blog, and I have not been able to visit your blog for many days... not even to post entries on my site. Like you I'm also feeling overwhelmed . I got to read your post on Tiffany Ann Lewis...amazing how God is speaking to us about Hosea 2:14 these days. I'm praying for you, that as you continue draw near to Him you will experience His loving presence in your circumstances.