Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things I am Learning

Prayer really does work!!

Jesus is my dearest friend. He knows everything about me and still loves me passionately!!!!

Tender-heartedness is not weakness; it is a gift. It allows one to identify deeply and love completely.

It is much, much better to give than to receive; God rewards by blessing one's soul with an awareness of His pleasure because of your actions.

Do not mute who God created you to be. You are a unique!!! Why mess with God's masterpiece?

Keep yourself others-focused, and the inward pull of self-pity will not win!!

In all circumstances, give God praise with your whole being. Do not allow others' hang ups to keep you from expressing ALL the praise Jesus is worthy of.

Watch a sunset, listen for singing birds, touch and hold and love. Be thankful, for God has given these things to you as a gift.

Patience precedes fulfillment.

God's beauty far outweighs any circumstances you may find yourself in the midst of!!!

Do not allow the now to be tainted by the past or the future, for it is the now which you inhabit.

True love, holy love manifests itself through prayer.

Beautiful Grace makes us whole, if we are willing.

This world pushes down, tears apart, seeks its own...always respond by lifting up, putting together, giving away.

If we are pleasing to Jesus, what does it matter what others' think?

Obedience releases peace!!!

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