Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Bike Ride

Fire and I went for a bike ride yesterday, because I had never seen the new walking bridge near our home.

Fire lead me down the hill, through forest paths, past the creek, up the mountain and onto the old railroad bed. The ride continued until we veered off to take another steep, windy path down the side of the mountain. Finally, our destination...the beautiful walking bridge.

I had a hard time managing the uphill ride home, and there were times I actually had to stop riding and push my bike...yikes, I didn't have to do that 30 years ago!!!!

We were hot and sweaty when we reached our house, but we cooled down in our air-conditioned home (thank you Strongman for installing it!).

I loved spending the time with Fire.

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Jim said...

You have cool kids...handsome lads. That's a beautiful little bridge, too. I love stuff like that. When I was well, I used to like to go for hikes in the Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky (look up the Gorge on a search engine and you'll find some beauty). There aremore sandstone arches there than anywhere else with the exception of Arches National Park in the southwest US. Anyway, I could relate to the hot and sweaty stuff, too. Thanks for the memories...