Friday, June 15, 2007

Recipe Raves, "Stuffed Portabella Mushroom"

I was experimenting the other day with portabella mushrooms and stumbled upon this yummy combination.

Take a clean and dry portabella mushroom and cut slivers of one clove of fresh garlic over it. I had made oat bran bread a few days ago, and because I didn't use white flour with the oat bran, it was very crumbly and dense. I took a slice of this bread and crumbled it in a bowl. Added a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp. chives and 1 tbsp. olive oil and tossed it. I then put this mixture on top of the mushroom and baked at 350 degrees F. until the mushroom was soft. If you see that the bread crumbs are getting too brown, you can finish the baking in the microwave.

It was absolutely yummy!!!


Anonymous said...

Sissy said......
Experimenting with cooking!!! WOW, have you come a long way! I guess the days of calling the Betty Crocker Award winner for advice are over!

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi Sissy,

I've been experimenting for years...just never had a blog to share my creative culinary expressions before. :)

By the way, I guess I take after my Big Sissy...the Betty Crocker Award winner. Also, I will still call you and our baby bro for advice.

We love our fixings... :)

Love you!!