Thursday, September 10, 2009

Praise, Praise Praise!

Dear Prayers,

Thank you all for laying down your life to pray for others. God is pleased!!!

Remember Ben, the boy who had appendicitis and then developed an abscess while on a mission’s trip? He is completely clear of infection. He told me that the doctors said he was only days away death, BUT our God intervened.

Fire had a cardiac stress test yesterday morning and it was great! The cardiologist said he performed better than 90% of his peers. The only reason he stopped was because his knee was hurting. (High school soccer is hard on the joints.) The doctor agreed to hold off on the long- term heart monitor, unless Fire has another episode. He feels that Fire has an extra electrical pathway in his heart that only kicks in sporadically.

Many of you already know that Strongman has restarted his HVAC business since his lay off about a month ago. He sent out post cards this past Saturday to his former customers and has already received four phone calls for work. His customers were grateful that he restarted his business, because they knew they could trust him to do an excellent job. Praise our Provider!

Mom has been doing well. Her leg has been looking good. It is almost normal size with no redness! It is wonderful to see the sparkle back in her eye!

Fire is into his 2nd week of his junior year and all is well. He is managing his schoolwork and the busy schedule of playing a high school sport. I am having no difficulty teaching algebra 2 and chemistry. God be praised!!!!

I am submitting applications for employment, but I only want that to work out IF God desires. Home education, especially the junior year in high school, is time consuming, and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. Please pray the doors will be shut if I am not supposed to work (outside of the home) at this time.

Thank you all and may the heart-knowledge of Jesus overwhelm you!

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace


Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Praise God for so many good reports, I am sure it also takes away some of the stress in your life. :)
And good for you for teaching Alg 2 and Chem...impressive!

Andrea said...

Praise the Lord! God is so good!

I will be praying for you, asking the Lord to open a door, according to His will.

How exciting that you are now teaching math and chemistry! And I agree with Sandy, very impressive!!!

You are a blessing! And may the Lord bless you and meet your every need!

In His Love,


Crown of Beauty said...

I love you dear Beautiful Grace. You are one of my first two friends on blog world. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Praise GOd for answered prayers.

As we remember 9 11 let us look up in hope for our redemption draws near.

I have dedicated my Sept 11 post to all my American friends.

Anonymous said...

Every day is a stand of faith! Our boys play soccer, too. We're in a new town on a new team. We got inserts for our boys shoes and the knee pain went away. The ortho guy has them unless you're from a large town.

I tutored a family that homeschooled. They used an on-line instructor who was marvelous. During the freshman year, they took Lit: the classics--Plato, Socratoes, Plutarch, Homer and more. A sample paper they did was Compare the Ideal Greek Man to the Ideal Christian Man. They do all math on line with a classroom where you can watch the teacher and hear all the students. They were phenomal students.

Be blessed!