Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fountains of Living Water: The Waterfall

While visiting a local church on Sunday, during the worship service, I received a mental picture of a waterfall; it was huge, like Niagara Falls. The water was rushing violently over the edge in one direction only. Then, far upstream, I could see the source of the river. It was an area of no movement of water; it was still as in a mucky pond, not still as in peaceful stream. Then I saw the river's water change course and go backwards up the fall and back to its source.

The worship leader was singing "grace flow down" during this mental picture, and I believe, the full message the Lord wanted to give was that hurtful, painful experiences of the past are represented by the mucky source of the river. Instead of being still (peaceful) the source was filled with the muck of the painful experience. This muck then flowed along the river's course to the present and the future. The past is contaminating the present and the future.

This negative forward flow can be stopped, IF we allow grace to flow backwards to the source of the painful event. The picture showed the water flowing backwards; that doesn't happen in the natural. The backward flow only happens in the supernatural.

God's Spirit goes backwards in time to heal the mucky areas in our lives, and forward the healed river flows affecting not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.

I believe the fall represents what seems to be a huge obstacle. It is naturally easy for the contaminated water to flow over the edge of the fall, but it takes a supernatural God to command the water to flow backward to the areas in our lives that need healing.

The power of contaminated water flowing over the fall can be extremely destructive, BUT THE GREATER POWER OF THE HEALED WATER FLOWING OVER THE FALL REPRESENTS GOD'S AWESOME POWER CHANGING, HEALING AND SAVING!

Holy Spirit, please show us areas in our lives where muck contaminates our flow of water. We allow Your grace to flow backwards in time to the source, the event which hurt us. Heal our rivers, Lord. We release forgiveness to anyone who may have had a part in the hurt lodged in our heart. Holy Spirit, we ask a blessing upon those who have caused offense and hurt us. We ask that their eyes be opened to Your magnificence and their hearts be softened with Your Love. Heal the offenders, Lord. In the great and awesome name of Jesus. AMEN!

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