Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayer for Tomorrow and Praise, Praise, Praise!!!

I am scheduled for an interview on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am at a fairly new Psychiatric Institute in the area. One of the physicians with whom I worked for many years recommended that I apply. He felt I would do well in that type of nursing. Anyway, I spoke with the Doctor's wife, who currently is working at the Institute. I wanted to get first hand insight as to what it is like to work there. From what she said, the pay would be fantastic, BUT as I said before I only want to be employed right now, IF it is God’s will.

If you think of me on Wednesday (tomorrow) morning, please pray that God would make his will clear during the interview, one way or another.

Thanks a bunch!

With Much Love…
Beautiful Grace

P.S. Strongman has had many calls for work, since restarting his business. He told me it would take about three weeks to get it all completed...Yay, Jesus!!!! :)


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Maria Matter said...

I will think of you....and pray!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Wow it does sound like a great opportunity. I was the same way about going back to work, and prayed about it, and said only if it's God's will. And the job was really just given to me so easily. And in hindsight I see God's hand in all of it! So I will pray for you tomorrow. Let me know how it goes. :)