Monday, September 14, 2009

"I Will Pour Out My Supernatural Favor Even this Moment, for I Am Going to Bring Redemption From Areas You Thought Were Lost"

Dear Beautiful Grace readers,

This word by Eileen Fisher touched me personally, and I know it will touch many of you. I received it through the Elijah List Ministries in this morning's e-mail. May you all be blessed by it.

With Much Love...
Beautiful Grace

The following prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on August 8, 2009 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Lord says: "I have called you by name; I have seen you in the valleys, and I have seen you looking for a path. You have followed the rivers, hoping it would lead you up to the mountains, up to the high places, to experience My holiness where you can worship Me in spirit and in truth. I say I am not only Lord of the mountains, but I am also Lord of the valley.

"I say this night I would come to you in your valley, and I would prepare a banquet for you in the midst of your enemies. I would encourage you, I would command you to laugh at the snares and the plan of the enemy, for truly he is under My feet. If you are inside Me, then he is under your feet also.

"For I am going to strengthen you tonight by My Spirit," says the Lord. "For I am pouring oil on your heads; oil will be the ointment of worship, it will be the oil of praise, it will be the oil of thanksgiving. For you have gone through a season of persecution and misunderstanding; not like the Saints of old, but today people have given you accusing looks and words of accusation, which has caused despondency and discouragement in your hearts where you have begun to doubt in My goodness, in My faithfulness, and in My all-knowingness.

"I Will Not Desert You; I Am the Good Shepherd Who Comes and Finds My Own"
"For I encourage you tonight to know I am not man that I would lie or torment, nor lead you into a blind alley to desert you. I am the Good Shepherd who comes and finds My own. For I know each one of you by name. I know your past, I know your now, and I know your forevermore.

"For I am the 'I Am,' and I am bidding you by My Spirit to flow in My Spirit stronger. As you flow in Him stronger He will strengthen you. For you cannot come into My Spirit without being strengthened. For He is called Strengthener and Counselor. I command you tonight to develop intimacy stronger in quiet, still times in My presence.

"For I Am going to pour out my fragrance," says the Lord. "The stench of abandonment is going to be released away from My people. The enemy has come to sow in the hearts of My own a spirit of abandonment. He has tried to fill the void with religion. He has tried to cause My people to be so sensitive to people around them, but this will change: they will become more sensitive to My Spirit.

"For I will pour out My Spirit stronger than what you have experienced. I will give visitations upon visitations on My own. For tonight revelation is going to be given to you, and I Am pouring this into your understanding right now," says the Lord.

"As you have come to seek My face, My face is seeking your heart. I am going to tug on your heart with counsel," says the Lord, "till you know that you know I Am the Counselor and the soon coming King."

"You Have Been In a Season of Training—You Are Going to Grow in the Favor of Your God"
"I am going to raise My people up into high places, not in the natural but in the Spirit, until they learn to rule and reign down upon the earth through My Spirit. For I promise you, the flesh that has been buffeted has been in a season of training—painful training.

"Some of you have had such groans in your spirit, for you have not known why I have been so strict with you. Why I have set you aside and trimmed away excess fat. Why I have trimmed away ambition. Why I have even trimmed away the favor that you have had with man. I would tell you this tonight, because you are going to grow in the favor of your God. As you grow in this favor it will not be mixed or blended with the favor of the flesh of man, for that would taint it," says the Lord your God.

"But instead I will pour out My supernatural favor even this moment as I speak it over you," says your Savior. "For I am going to bring redemption from areas you thought were lost. I am going to calm your fears, for the enemy has truly come and he has tried to stir up a hornet's nest to bring into your hearts unrest. For I would say unto you, Well done! I have broken many unruly spirits; I have put them under My Lordship. I have put them, and I have placed them carefully and tenderly in positions for My Kingdom's sake."

"You Will Begin to See, Taste and Sense My Spirit"
"As you have cried for My Kingdom to invade your earth, so it has come. Now I say unto you, I call you tonight 'My Invaders'; where you go, you will invade with My Kingdom. I am going to change even your outlooks of My Kingdom's sake, for it has been too small," says the Lord your God, "For it has been mixed with the flesh and the counsel of man.

"For you are going to know and have it settled, that truly greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Be prepared for this to be proven," says the Lord your God. "For I will give you dreams, I will give you visions, I will quicken your understanding, and I will mature your spirits to a level that you will be so spiritually minded, that you will become earthly good.

"I say unto you, the earth is the Lord's and all that is in it. I recall what you are made of, but I also recall what you are made for: My glory," says the Lord. "My glory will lift My own head through your heads. For I am even touching your eyes tonight," says the Lord. "For you will begin to see, taste and sense My Spirit.

"Be not content with the soulish favor of man, for it is entrapment, and a snare to My Spirit. For your soul and My Spirit do not mix. My Spirit heals your soul, and your soul is being held captive by My Spirit to be restored and renewed. I am taking discouragement off of you, and I am taking and placing in you new hope and new vision.

"I promise you, the crossroads you are now standing in, I will be the Man who stands in the center for you. Just as I am the ruler of the universe, I will be your crossing guard. Remember My Cross; My Cross will guard you and I will point you in the direction of My Spirit. Though others would laugh and others would not understand, I will provoke them to jealousy for the power you will walk in. For I have called you a hidden vessel; I have called you a treasure, set aside, prepared, able and now ready to be used," says the Lord your God.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries

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