Thursday, April 30, 2009

Experiencing Heaven Through Our Five Senses: Part Two, Feeling Him

In the post, "Experiencing Heaven Through Our Five Senses: Part One, Hearing Him," I described God's desire for us to know Him through our senses, and as awesome as it is to hear His voice or heaven's songs, being touched by the One Who created the universe thrills my soul in even deeper measures. If I had to choose my favorite sense, feeling Him touch me would be number one!

Years ago as a teen, I had my first experience with His touch during a Pentecostal service I attended with a friend. At that time, His touch manifested as goose bumps, but oh, what a sensation!

Later on, I began to experience what I have affectionately have named, "Jesus Kissing My Soul." When Jesus kisses my soul, I cannot contain my tears. Imagine One perfect in purity, holiness and power kissing your soul! Overwhelmed by His beauty, I cry for gratitude and for the inability to express my love for Him. I cannot explain it any other way, because when He "Kisses My Soul," it is another world experience with no frame of reference with which to compare.

I mentioned that God told me to go ahead with brain surgery back in 1987, but what I did not say was that prior to hearing His voice, I felt a gentle breeze upon my back. I understand now that the breeze was the "breath" of the Holy Spirit.

Within the last several years, Jesus has manifested His touch by what feels like electricity or heat or even like rain upon my skin-all beautiful expressions of His love towards me!

Specifically, the sensation of electricity began several years ago when Chuck Peirce and Dutch Sheets visited my church. I had been passionately worshipping Jesus through dance when I felt my hands become "electrified." Whispering to a friend after the worship portion of the service, I said, "I think Jesus is touching my hands. It feels like electricity." My friend said, "You were really clapping. Maybe that's what happened." I sat there with my hands palms up on my lap; instead of wondering, I decided to ask Jesus about it. I said, "Jesus, if this is you, then I want more. If it isn't you, then take it away." By the end of the service, the electricity had spread up my arms, to my shoulders, and across my chest. Before going to sleep that night the electricity had spread over most of my body, and when I woke up the next morning, the electrical sensation continued. It was not until a day or so later when ministering wisdom to a friend that the electricity felt as though it came out of my mouth through my words. How awesome it that? Oh, by the way, my friend commented she could feel God's Presence as I spoke. We serve a God who delights in using us to minister His word!!! :)

At various times, God's touch feels like heat. The most dramatic heat experience occurred while visiting Life Center. A woman of God came to me during worship and started to prophesy over me. As she spoke God's word, it felt like I was standing in front of an open oven door. The woman ended the prophetic speech by answering the question to a private prayer that no one but God could have known about. God is to be praised!!!!!!

The newest tactile sensation manifested just a couple weeks ago when Patricia King visited my church for Randy Clark's, Voice of the Prophets conference. I felt rain upon my skin, and the cool thing was that later Patricia said it was raining in the spirit. I was not the only one feeling the rain as several people admitted to feeling the spiritual rain upon their skin.

Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed touching and being touched. I believe God wired me that way, and that is why His touching me means so much to me. I love you, Jesus!!!!!

Lord, my awesome Friend, pour out Your Spirit upon all who read this post. Allow us to feel Your touch, the experience desired because we desire to know You and receive Your Love. We want to be touched so we can touch others. All for the glory on One Man, Jesus!!! AMEN!!!!

P.S. I'm feeling electricity right now!!!!!


Livin' Life said...

Yey! I was hoping you would post again today about this. Wow, I have felt some things but this is an area that I have not fully walked in yet. I hear and see a lot and even have smelled but feeling is harder for me.

I am going to ask God now to open all my senses so that I have full understand and experience with Him. So good!!!

Crown of Beauty said...

I felt electricity, goose bumps and gentle breeze just as I was reading your post. In fact while I'm putting down this comment, the good bumps, up to my head and neck are still continuing.

Thank you for this post written with specific examples.

May we be so receptive to the Holy Spirit that we are sensitive to His touch, and His "kisses" upon our soul!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

That is so encouraging just to read about the POWER of God in your life! His touch is amazing....thanks for sharing your heart!