Monday, April 27, 2009

2009: Christian Battle of the Bands

"Telios," the name of the band, means "It is finished!"

Fire, my "Extreme Drummer," played until his fingers bled.
Faithful Friend playing and singing.

Consecrated playing a Paul Gilbert guitar solo.
Seeing/hearing Consecrated's musical
gifting caused me to tear up.
for providing a forum for the expression of musical giftings!


Classic MaMa said...

So wonderful!!

Also, I wanted to check if you saw the new galaxy that they found called a crown of thorns. I forget the site, but I googled it and thought you'd like it.

Crown of Beauty said...

I'm sure your heart is swelling with love and pride for the giftings of your two sons... May they continue to serve the purposes of God's kingdom in their lives! Thank you for taking time to faithfully nurure and raise your sons to maturity.

God will give you your full reward in heaven!