Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News Flash: His Resting One Storms Bulgaria With Jesus! Part 2

Here's an update on His Resting One in Bulgaria with Jesus!!!


It's so easy to minister out of the overflow of love from our hearts, otherwise it's work. It's amazing how grace works, my little brain tries to figure it out but it's not worth it :) I love going to the poorest of the poor, I think that's where Jesus would go too. Two days ago we were at a Vindin in northern Bulgaria. We were dancing with the kids and they were getting baptized with the Holy Spirit. People in the area didnt know what this looks like, because well it's not common, or even in the US. It was amazing the ourpouring that was happening. After awhile I went away from the crowd and found some widows to love on from a distance in the courtyard. It's so beautiful all the kisses that we give and receive. There is such a freedom to be yourself, who we were created to be. There's none like us, we are so individual. I got to pray with the widows and even had them dance with me for about a minute. After that, muscles start aching, you know how it goes :) Love is all we need.

Yesterday we traveled to Sophia, which is the capital of Bulgaria. The past two outreaches I just begin to cry when we are greeted. My heart is so overwhelmed with the generosity and the love. One group member said she saw Jesus crying out of joy of his believers and non meeting together. We visited the box cars. The government placed them in an area so the gypsies can live there for 6 months... they have been there a year. There are 26 boxcars for 200 gypsies. When I first came i thought the box cars would be BIG but they were only about half the size of a small trailer, enough to maybe fit 4 beds. No toilets, a small well, but lots of love. They greeted us and through a party. All that they don't have they gave us... it broke my heart. It was amazing the people who were healed. I was reminded that love looks like something. God moves out of the overflow of our hearts, not over us wanting to just see the miracles. As I hugged the children and women I felt the Holy Spirit move into them. There was such an acceleration of healing there were EVERYONE who was prayed for was healed! You name it, headaches, eye problems, hearing, liver pain. It was amazing. I jsut held the women and children and laughed and weeped over them. I love the box cars.

I will try to send some picture in the next email. Bless you!


Maria Pauline said...

Wow... So amazing to see the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of people. May God bless you onward.

By the way, I never thought I would find another blog with the same name...

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

This is great to hear about!
Hubby went to Bulgaria 2 years ago to play drums for a worship conference in Bulgaria! What a needy country, it's great to hear of God's continued work in that country. Thanks for posting this!

Our fresh air kiddo left yesterday, so email me about a time for us to meet, I am a bit more flexible right now. :)

Livin' Life said...

I loved catching up on all your posts. Sounds so wonderful what is happening in Bulgaria. I can't wait to head out on our own world wide adventure. I was also happy to read your post about college and consecrated.

I am going to keep catching up and hopefully will see you tonight at the picnic at church.