Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News Flash: His Resting One Storms Bulgaria With Jesus!

A Picture of Bulgarian Gypsies

The following is a copy of an e-mail I received from His Resting One. This wonderful young woman of God, now ministering in Europe, blesses the next generation by teaching them science in a local public school system. This same woman prayed for a dead gerbil and saw it raised. Harrisburg, His Resting One's home and permanant mission field, is our region. We are blessed to have her!!!!

Dear Friends and family,

What an adventure the past few days have been. I've flooded the bathroom at one hotel (yes long story) and had pickles on my pizza (not per my request) and found it to taste quite alright. We traveled to Bucharest, Romania and ministered to the gypsies in the garbage dump and it made me cry. Winnie Banov told an amazing story how she searched the country for the poorest gyspsies in the land and followed a garbage truck to this location. We danced, sang, and ate bread and chicken with the group.

We then traveled across the border to Bulgaria and ministered in many gypsey neighborhoods. We prayed for a guy in a wheel chair and he began to walk! He was smiling and crying and thanking Jesus! There are also testimonies of tumors actually falling off of people bodies! Dancing with the children and the women bring back so many memories of the great times I had with the orphans in Nicaragua two summers ago. The love of Jesus is so rich here and the group of 50 of us are filled with so much love and joy as we party with the gypsies.

Last night was crazy as we piled into this train with small cabins to sleep in. It was such a fun but restless night... somehow we received supernatural energy (without cafiene). A lot of our day is spent traveling as we have been all over Bulgaria the past few days. The food is good... but interesting.... and we are finding sleep is a priceless jewel. I'll send some more quick updates later. Please forgive my spelling and grammer for I am a speedy typer in little time.

The trips ends on the 23rd where I will then stay in France for three weeks with a friend. This trip is definitely renewing my heart for Harrisburg as Jesus is reminding me what love really looks like. :)

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