Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged

My sister-in-law Plain and Simple, aka "Simply Beautiful," tagged me. I believe I am to write eight random things about myself. Here it goes.

1. I used to dream of being a "rock star" (and the first nurse in space and a hair stylist and a research scientist). It was the singing that actually attracted me, not the "rock star" persona itself.

2. I was born on my Mom's birthday, July 1st. She told me that I was the best birthday present she ever received (spoken like a true Mom).

3. Although I worked in nursing for 20 years, I don't consider myself a physical nurse. Spiritual nursing is my true call (still asking God what that one looks like).

4. My dream is to one day sing, dance and pray at Succat Hallel (Hebrew for “Tabernacle of Praise”) in Jerusalem. If not in this life, I will in New Jerusalem.

5. I married my high school sweetheart, Strongman. Strongman actually IS a strong man. He placed third in his weight class for a strongman competition seven years ago at York Barbell Club. He threw a sixteen inch truck tire fifty-one feet, ran one hundred fifteen feet for time with six hundred pounds of weight in a wheelbarrow and pulled a 10,000 pound truck for 85 feet.

6. I used to take ballet lessons as a little girl. My little brother, Plain and Simple's DSH (isn't he cute?) helped me practice my positions.

7. I played the French horn in high school.

8. Did you know that in 1982, I was the First Lady of the United States of America...or at least my character, Mary Turner, was in the musical, "Of Thee I Sing". President John P. Wintergreen married me (Mary Turner) because I (she) could make corn muffins. That's me on the upper left side, complete with lots of stage make up.


TCC said...

You don't know me...I am friends with Plain and Simple...I just love the pic of her DSH. What a cutie dancing with his big sis!

Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, tcc,

I'm sure I've seen you at church. I was looking at your site yesterday. It's fun to try to figure out who everyone is.

Regarding my brother, I always said he was the cutest little boy (and a very handsome man). He has a beautiful olive complexion, while mine is a little darker than porcelain...the wonders of genetics (Mom is fair and Dad is dark).

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Aunt MA said...

Once again beautifully done! I am sorry to say I learned things I did not know.... Does that make me a really BAD Sissy??
FYI: The picnic table you are dancing on is still in my backyard. They don't make them now like they use to.
Love You!!

Beautiful Grace said...

NEVER say you are a "BAD sissy." You are the most tender-hearted, generous woman I know. You have a beautiful gift of encouragement. You are a super-fantastic Sissy!!!

You have to start a blog, so I can tag you!

Jim said...

Now, this is what I call a BLOG! :o)