Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dreams Will Live

Just wanted to quickly thank all those who participated in the production of The Rainmaker. Fire and I attended the play yesterday and we both were impressed by the actors' abilities to transform themselves into another character. Fire and I know three of the actors well...the older brother, Noah Curry, played by oH mY wORD's hubby; the younger brother, Jim Curry, played by fellow youth leader, "Peter Parker"; and File, played by Classic MaMa's hubby, Not-So-Classic ("Sauerkraut Lover"). I also want to thank My Bro' for his hard work and dedication in providing superior sound quality for the're awesome!!!

If any of you have dreams that have been shelved because of circumstances or because of the heartless words of others, this production is a must see!! I found myself tearing up at the point when Lizzy Curry (the so-called plain, unmarried sister of the Curry family) allows the cruel words of her older brother access to her heart...You are plain and you will always be plain, and no one will ever want to marry you. I teared up a second time when Starbuck, aka, The Rainmaker, saw Lizzy for who she was and declared...All women have their own beauty. The Rainmaker then encouraged Lizzy to repeat, I am pretty, I am pretty.

I'm proud of you guys!!! Your hard work, lost sleep and other sacrifices were worth it. Bless you!!!!


Melissa said...

Yes, that was a pretty amazing production. The scenes you mentioned actually made me cry the one night I watched them rehearse and block it. Very powerful stuff....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to see the play on Friday! I can't wait to see what I've been hearing such wonderful things about!