Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is a Season the Lord is Watching to See How We Respond

Word Posted by The Elijah List September 20, 2008
Given by Chuck Pierce

This is a season that the Lord is watching to see how we respond to our circumstances, accusations, and to the problems of others. In every year of "8" we must learn to receive "Super-Abundant Grace" and extend "Super-Abundant Grace."

In this month of ELUL, there are many patterns in the Word that I am reviewing. A key pattern is from Nehemiah 6. In this passage, Nehemiah is progressing to finish the wall around Jerusalem when he meets great resistance. I love the way he responds. Here are some keys for you as you press toward certain tasks of your endings. Respond correctly to:

• The seducing power of the enemy on your path!

• The evil reports that you are having to process!

• The fear opposing the completion of the project you have been sent to accomplish!

• The secret "messengers" who claim they have been sent by God, but are attempting to sway you from completing your task!

• The forces rallying against you to stop progress!

• The narrow "eye of the needle" entryway facing you! LET GO and GO THROUGH!

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Maria Matter said...

Thank you for sharing this...our focus so needs to be on the Lord! I'll have to go read Nehemiah 6 now!
Blessings, Maria