Friday, July 27, 2012

Risk It in the Name of Love

Dear Blogging Friends and Family,

Just a note of update from my oncologist check up last week.  All is well!  All of my lab results fell within the normal range.  My physical exam was fantastic as well.  My oncologist is putting the finishing touches on his new book, which addresses lifestyle as important preventative and healing therapy for cancer.  He said, "We need to eat like Adam and Eve."  :)

The high point of my visit was a dear lady in the waiting area who Holy Spirit "highlighted" to me.  I felt drawn to her, but didn't think I'd have the opportunity to speak with her as she and her husband left the office just before me.  I silently prayed blessing on her while finishing my paperwork.  I left the office making my way to the elevator where, wouldn't you know it, stood the woman and her husband waiting.  Getting close to her, I saw the familiar bump of a JP drain under her shirt.  As we made our way onto the elevator, I decided to risk it.  I broke elevator etiquette by declaring I had a bilateral mastectomy last year.  The woman's eyes opened wide as she declared she had just undergone a unilateral mastectomy.  I was able to share some of the awesome interventions of God during my experience last year.  I thought this woman would start crying when I offered to pray for her right there on the elevator.  Her eyes opened wide as she accepted my offer.  We hugged each other tightly as I declared the power of Jesus over cancer.  We were on the elevator so long that it alarmed twice...OOPS! 

I tell you all this because you just never know how a "simple prayer" rooted in love will positively affect and bless other people.  I encourage all of you to risk it in the name of love. 
Thank you all again for all of the support you have offered since my diagnosis day December 27, 2010.  You all can share as Victorious Overcomers of cancer because when one of us wins, all of us share in the spoils of that victory!!!

Words cannot express my gratitude and love for ALL of you!

Always with love...
Beautiful Grace

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