Friday, July 13, 2012

1 Kings 15:1-24; 2 Chronicles 13-16: Mighty or Powerless...No Difference to God

2 Chronicles 14:9-12
Amplified Bible (AMP)

9 There came out against Judah Zerah the Ethiopian with a host of a million [that is, too many to be numbered] and 300 chariots, and came as far as Mareshah.

10 Then Asa went out against him, and they set up their lines of battle in the Valley of Zephathah at Mareshah.

11 Asa cried to the Lord his God, *O Lord, there is none besides You to help, and it makes no difference to You whether the one You help is mighty or powerless. Help us, O Lord our God! For we rely on You, and we go against this multitude in Your name. O Lord, You are our God; let no man prevail against You!

12 So the Lord smote the Ethiopians before Asa and Judah, and the Ethiopians fled.

*Emphasis mine.

King Asa was described in today's passages as "Yet Asa's heart was blameless with the Lord all his days." (1 Kings 15:14b)

Asa removed idol worship from Judah and commanded them to seek the Lord.  Asa knew that God alone is the Strong One.  The strength of man means nothing when God fights the battle!  

A person who grasps this concept is one who remains in peace during a difficult season.  There is nothing man can do in order to be victorious, except focus on Jesus.  I speak from personal experience in this.

For me, last year was filled with physical battles, but the Lord fought, and I remained in peace.  One of the best decisions I made during that time was to sleep with worship music pouring into my ears.  

Chris Tomlin's song, "Our God" was one of the songs that reminded of God's power to fight for me during that time!

Asa knew that man's strength did not win a battle.  Peace was the result of Asa decision to follow the Lord with His whole heart.  Because of Asa's resolve, Judah prospered in peace.

2 Chronicles 15:15
Amplified Bible (AMP)

15 And all Judah rejoiced at the oath, for they had sworn with all their heart and sought Him [yearning for Him] with their whole desire, and He was found by them. And the Lord gave them rest and peace round about.

The next time you face a battle remember to seek the Lord your whole heart.  Maybe even listen to worship music while you sleep.  :)

God, You are higher than any other.  You're Awesome and Powerful and the Giver of Peace.  Thank You for fighting our battles, while we remain at rest in You.  If there is some way for us to respond, then we trust You to make the direction clear.  All while we walk in Peace!  In the great name of Jesus!!! AMEN!!!

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