Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Health Update: A Year of Grace and Favor

My Dear Praying Friends and Family,

I've seen God's love in words and deeds through you this year.  I am eternally grateful.  Thank you! 

The most recent example of selfless love that I experienced was just this past Friday.  I had heard a friend was now living in an extended care facility, and I wanted to personally deliver her birthday card.  As my friend lay in bed struggling for breath, she recognized me.  Immediately, she said through labored breathing, "Bellann, it's you.  How are you?  I have really been praying for you.  You've been through so much." 

Friends, that selfless heart is the heart of Jesus manifested.  What an example for us to emulate!  My friend could have turned her eyes inward, wallowing in self pity for her own physical condition, but instead, she chooses to continue to think of others first!  My intent was to minister to her on Friday, but in truth, she was the one who ministered to me.  How beautiful Jesus is through His people!!!

The grace and favor that God has poured out on me far outweighs the difficulties that I have experienced this year.  If only words could express the thankfulness that I have for all the blessings I have received this year!  God has used this blatant attack of the evil one to propel me past a few sticking points in my soul.  My Abba always brings good out of what the evil one has meant for destruction!!!

The favor of God places a bright spotlight of glory on us.  When that happens, people notice.  It's during those times that the doors are wide open to speak about the love of Jesus.  I am thankful for the many opportunities I have had this year to share what Jesus has done for me!  I have loved to see tear-shining eyes in people as they hear how real and active and loving Jesus has been in my life.  I think hope is being stirred in them.  Only God truly knows what speaking of my experience will do for them.

This Friday, I am scheduled for my fourth and final surgery for this year.  The left expander will be removed and replaced with a permanent silicon prosthesis, and I would appreciate any prayers you may offer on my behalf. 

Prayer Points: 
  • No infection
  • No medication or anesthesia reactions
  • That I would have more opportunities to speak about my beloved Jesus
  • That Strongman would not feel overwhelmed as he ministers once again to me during my recovery.
  • That Consecrated and Fire would be propelled into the destinies that God has for them.
  • Financial provision
  • More grace of God in order to minister to others who are hurting
Thank you all so very much for your kindness, love, and prayers.  If only I could give each of you a huge hug for the love I feel for you!  May God pour out His grace upon you and give you the peace and passion and power to walk out your destinies in Him!!!
With Much Love Always...
Beautiful Grace


Sanju said...

Very good

D said...

Wow i love how much u praise God! you see the good he has put into the world instead of the difficulties! thats amazing! keep at it