Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Will Cause Things to Be Blown Out of the Way...I Will Cause the Wind to Come at Your Back

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on April 27, 2010 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The article can be found on the Elijah List Website.

A "Strange" Wind is Blowing

As I was singing, the Lord was showing me a strange wind. And it was a strange wind because it wasn't going the normal direction, it was going the opposite—like how you would see a tornado going a certain way, but it would be unwinding.

And the Lord said, "Many of you have been caught up, and things have been wound up around you. And it's like you're not sure where you're going to be set down—and it's kind of like this wind that is out of control. It's like an unknown wind—something that's not familiar, that you can go back to and say, 'This is that.'"

And I heard the Lord say, "I am the One who holds the wind in My hand. And I will cause things to blow into place that need to be blown into place. I will cause things to be blown out of the way that need to be removed out of the way. I will cause the wind to come at your back—to push you and to place you where I would have you.

"For," He said, "the wind is going to come stronger and stronger and stronger." He said, "You will even hear your own weather channels talking about the strange wind. I will confirm this strange wind to you, because you will need to be prepared to recognize what is My wind and what is not.

"For some will come and they will preach a gospel and it will sound like a gospel of purity and love, but it will not be the Gospel of power and a sound mind. And it will play and do tricks in the soulish realm, but it will not be moved nor led by My Spirit. And," He said, "the wind will come against you, and you will feel this wind, and you will say, 'This is strange, for this is not the wind of the Holy Spirit of God.'"

"There is Going to Come a Conviction of  My Spirit that Will Cause Your Nation to Come Back..."

God said, "I am raising up an army." He said, "The giant is merely stretching, but the giant is going to stand. When this giant comes, it will be Me. And it will be Me who comes as the God of fire; the God who brings down purification and holiness over this land; the God that rains down justice.

"For I am about to start to remove things like dominoes. For I am taking the dominoes that are really out of place and I'm taking them off of the table. You are going to see even those that I have had encased come forth, and they will speak My tongue. And they will say, 'This is good, and it will be good.' And they will say, 'This is bad, and it will be bad.'

"For your nation is in a season of calling good evil and evil good. But," He said, "there is going to come a conviction of My Spirit that will cause your nation to come back and align with the royal priesthood. For I have a multitude of holy priests walking this land." He said, "Look around, you are My holy priests. For you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. And I say unto you, even a few of you can put ten thousand to flight.

"But remember this: Do not, do not, do not pick up the battle in the soulish realm, but stay in the Spirit. For your battle is not against flesh and blood. It (the soulish realm) may manifest, but it is not the moving force. You are to go after the moving force. The spirit of rebellion is crossing your land rapidly, and rebellion is witchcraft. For it is leading others astray, saying, 'Seek your own, seek your own.' For it is saying, 'Unjust! Unjust! Justify me!'

"Man Can Only Be Justified by the Blood of My Son"

"I say unto you, man can only be justified by the Blood of My Son. And this will be the battle cry of My move: 'There is power in the Blood, there is power in the Blood.' How I long to hear the songs of Blood, rejoicing in the knowledge of the death and the resurrection of My Son.

"How I long to hear people speak and apply My Blood, and know that there is life in My Blood. For I say unto you, the blood of the innocent that has been poured over your land is going to be cleansed when My holy fire and Blood come back over this nation.

"For this is My nation. And I shall not yield it to another," says the Lord your God. "In fact, you are going to see My hand come so heavy from the top to the bottom. And I tell you this, it is in a cupped position. And I will tip My hand over so slightly, where My Blood will be poured out in hidden places. And they will cry out for mercy, because they will not be able to stand, and they will not be able to understand what has touched them. And it will have been the knowledge of the Blood of My Son.

"For I say unto you, tonight I am giving each one of you a unique gift. You are going to see the Scriptures become more fully alive to you about My Son's Blood. You will see it in the quiet of your own private time. You are to meditate on My Son's Blood. You are to recall the power of the death and the resurrection of My Son. You are not to shelve it for Easter, but you are to practice it for ecstasy—and I say ecstasy which will bring down My presence. For it will be Heaven has entered the earth. For it did in My Son, and so it does in you. For did I not say in My Word, My Kingdom dwells within you?

"Let My Kingdom flow. Let My Spirit flow. Do not look to the left nor to the right. Do not listen to those that would compromise, afraid of offending—but, set your face like flint. Do not compromise, but offer the power of My Spirit, for in this is victory," says the Lord your God.

Thank You, Father.

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