Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tree of Righteousness Bears the Fruit of Obedience

I woke up at 2:40 this morning to hear in my spirit, "The tree of righteousness bears the fruit of obedience." As I lay there, I thought about Isaiah's "trees of righteousness" Isaiah 61:1-3.

Getting out of bed, I decided to investigate the statement that I heard. Righteousness means right-standing with God, which can only come to those of us who have accepted Jesus' sacrificial gift on the cross. The One Who knew no sin, became sin for us, providing for us a way to have the righteousness of God (right-standing with God).

Not only do we accept this free gift, but we choose to allow Jesus to be Lord...meaning He's the Boss of our lives, not us. Each time we are faced with the choice to obey the voice of Jesus, rather than following the dictates of our own souls, the "fruit of obedience" grows, ripens and eventually matures. The root of the righteous will yield fruit!

This fruit, however, will not mature through striving to keep the law! This fruit will only ripen by abiding in Jesus!!! His Spirit provides water for the growth of the tree of righteousness. The sap (blood) from His Vine flows into our branches, providing the required nutrients for the formation, growth and maturation of the fruit of obedience. We absolutely cannot, I repeat CANNOT grow it without Jesus!!!

Many of us have consistently chosen to follow the voice of Jesus, denying ourselves, picking up ours crosses, and following Him, no matter the consequences!

Many of us have yearned for resolution of a particular situation, but the fruit of obedience hadn't yet matured, therefore, the Lord commanded us to wait, wait until the appointed season for fruit. I believe for many of us that "appointed time" has come.

If the Holy Spirit has stirred you while reading this post, then may I suggest to you that your season for resolution has come; His Spirit is pouring out the grace required for it.

The most awesome part of allowing the fruit of obedience to ripen in His time is that while we waited, the fruit became lusciously sweet and juicy. We can now present this fruit as a gift of love to our Beautiful Bridegroom, Jesus!!!

We have chosen Your ways because we love You, Jesus, and we present the fruit of obedience to You for Your glory!!! In the precious name of Jesus! AMEN!!!

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Pat said...

What a great word. It is so timely for me, I have a paper to write for school of ministry and earlier today I was thinking about this scripture and that I should use it.

Now I know I will, I think it is on His heart and that is why it is quickened to our hearts!!!

Thanks for your encouraging word!!