Monday, May 12, 2008

Day Seven: Signing Off For Awhile

If you have read The Appointed Time: A Prayer Request, you know that Jesus has called me to a time of increased time with Him. As much as I have enjoyed reading your blogs and posting my thoughts, I must back away for a while in order to be with Him.

I'd appreciate your continued prayers for me and my family. His will be done, in all of our lives!!!

May He bless you with many blessings!!!

Sandy, I still would like to have lunch with you after you're finished with school. If you would like to, comment to this posting with your e-mail address. I won't publish it; we wouldn't want the whole blogging world to see it.


Sandy said...

Does this mean no posting for a long time.....sniff sniff. Ok I am sad, but I totally understand. Life is about priorities, and Jesus is top dog! :) I have been so struggling with keeping Him captivating my attention.
I will pray for you and I so admire your willingness to Seek First HIS kingdom and will for you.
I will be praying!
And yes lunch this summer sounds GREAT! :)
I think my email will show up????

Beautiful Grace said...

Dear sandy, My posting must not be set up like yours. I don't see your e-mail address, but if you post your e-mail in my comments I will get an e-mail notifying me of what you said and I have the choice to publish it or not. I wouldn't make your personal e-mail public for the blogger universe...So closer to the end of school, if I haven't heard from you, I'll contact you through your site or if you can see my e-mail with my posts, you contact me. Oh, this is confusing!!! LOL