Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Dinner

*Spicy Cream of Crab Soup*

*Salad with Sugar Roasted Walnuts and Strawberries*

*Poppy Seed and Lemon Dressings*

*Shrimp Creole Over White Rice*

*Freshly Baked Challah Bread*

*Chocolate Pudding Pie with Toasted Coconut and Almonds*


samismom22 said...

Oh my goodness, that is AWESOME!!!!!!!! You are so sweet :)

We ate McDonalds on the road coming back from Lake Placid for our Valentines dinner. LOL!

Livin' Life said...

Your dinner looked wonderful!! I should have sent my hubby over to your house. At our house he only got grilled cheese and then rushed off to church. ;)

Melissa said...

That looks so good! And, that's a nice bread knife you've got! :-)

Beautiful Grace said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

One of my favorite things to do is to "cook fancy," however, I don't do it often. It special times like Valentine's day that I take the time!! Poor strongman got home extra late that night, but I was glad everything was nice for him when he arrived.

Yeah, Melissa, that bread knife is nice!! This is the first bread I've baked since Christmas. :O